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Farmers League
Duration:: 14 days

Division Ranking Title Overview Season Ranking Help Title rewards Season end rewards

The Farmers League is a long-term event in which players can compete for rewards based on their combined progress during league events

All players above level 19 can take part in the Farmers League (FL). Cooperative not a must, but helpful.

Each season of the Farmers League last for a pre-determined number of event days. Each day a league event is active, a day is deducted from the league's remaining runtime.

All players who received at least 1 gold medal during the intire FL will qualify for the seasonal ranking. Players are ranked first by their title and then by the number of earned medals of different qualities.

NOTE: Once the final League event's medal is rewarded the FL is pretty much over for you, your points will no longer go towards the FL.
The Farmer's League consists of three major components:
Division rankings, in which you compete against a limited number of players based on points earned from league events.
Titles, which determine the rewards you will receive during the event and your final season ranking.
Season ranking, which measure the progress each player has made during the entire Farmers League season.

League events
Players can earn points for the division ranking by participating in the following league events:
Cooperative Championship, CC Hard Worker Event, HWE
Cooperative Hard Worker Event, CHWE Village Fair, VF
Fishing Hard Worker Event, FHWE  
You will be grouped with 8 players of equal level from your server for the first league event.
All remaining events you will be grouped with players equal in ranking from the previous league event.
EXAMPLE: Say you rank 3rd in the 1st event of the Farmers League.
For the 2nd event you will be grouped with players that also ranked 3rd in their 1st event. For the 3rd event you will be grouped with players of equal ranking from their 2nd event. And so on, until the Farmers League ends.

Rewards of the farmer league
The following rewards are available during a Farmer's league season:
Medals: Will be awarded once a day, depending on your current division rank. Medals are needed to earn title promotions and increase your season rankings.
Title Rewards: Awarded when you earn a new Title. Additional rewards can be unlocked by using the Season pass, purchased from the Help page.
Active league event rewards: Will be awarded at the end of a league event depending on your title. Additional rewards can be unlocked by using the Season pass, purchased from the Help page.
Season end rewards: Will be awarded depending on your final season's rank at the end of the Farmer's League. Only players who have received at least 1 gold medal qualify.
Once you have earned 6,900
you may purchase one of these
Apartment blocks, stores homes.

Active League Events
When a league event ends, the following happens:
All divisions and division rankings will be reset.
Players will receive a final reward for the Active League event depending on their current title.
When the next league event starts, players are assigned to a new division. Medals are reset but current Titles do not reset.
At the end of the Farmers League season of the the following happens:
Season rewards are awarded to players who qualify.
Purchased season passes expire.
The titles will be reset for the next season.
The seasonal ranking will be reset.
A new season of the Farmers League begins shortly thereafter.
Last updated : Wednesday, September 16, 2020
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