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Booster Tokens
boost your production yields

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QUOTE: What are Booster Tokens, you might ask? Booster Tokens are a great way to have a little bit more of everything while farming. They offer additional products depending on which Token you use. There are Tokens for animals, flowers and more. For example, if you start feeding your chicken and you use a cherry Token, not only do you get your eggs but also cherries on top! The combinations are endless and the fun doesn’t stop there! Tokens have a high chance of breaking once you use them but you can easily replace a broken Token with a new one, or repair your Token if you want to use it again. Many of the orchards and stables have multiple Token slots so you get even more for your farming efforts!    TY BugsBunny

What are Booster tokens for?
Booster tokens can be slotted to stables and orchards to boost their production yields. You can not slot fields, however stables and orchards may be slotted with crop Booster tokens.
Token Type
Each token provides a production boost for a specific product or consumables, which is activated once placed inside the relevant farm facility. There is a variety of tokens available, with some more rare than others.
Token Level
Each token has a level that determines the boost it provides. The higher the level, the bigger the production boost.
Where do I get Booster tokens?
You can earn Booster tokens from Dairy contracts that can be found in their own section of the Market hall.
Token Rarity
Each token has it's own rarity level that determines the likelihood of it appearing as a contract reward. Generally, rare tokens are better than common tokens.
Contract Levels
Each contract level provides a defined token pool and rarity chance. Higher level contracts offer improved token pools and rarity chances, and some tokens can only be earned by fulfilling high-level contracts. You can increase contract levels and improve your token rewards by completing as many contracts as possible!
How do I use Booster tokens?
You can assign booster tokens to production facilities in the facility's token overview, which can be accessed via the facility's ring menu or upgrade dialog.
Token Slots
Each recipe, seed, fertilizer, or feed provides up to 3 token slots that can be filled to improve their production yield. However, there is always a chance that a token could brake during production, with each recipe, seed, fertilizer, and feed having their own risk of braking. Broken tokens can be repaired after the production has been completed.
Assigning Tokens
Assigning Booster tokens is quick and easy. Simply select a token from your token storage and then choose the available slot to which you want to assign it. You can remove assigned tokens before you confirm the assignment, but it is not possible after confirmation. You can, however, replace assigned tokens that you no longer want at any time.
How do I see if a production process contains a Booster?
Booster tokens effect active production cycles. You can assign, replace, or repair Booster tokens at any time.
You can see if a token is active by hovering your mouse over the relevant recipe icon in it's ring menu. Here you will find information about which tokens are active, how much your production is being boosted, and the risk of your active tokens braking.
What to do about a broken Booster token?
Broken Tokens can either be replaced or repaired using Gold and if you have an active Big Farm Club Loyalty subscription, you can use Farm Dollars instead.
The cost to repair tokens depends of the Booster type and level.
Last updated : Saturday, September 26, 2020
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