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introducing the different characters and where they can be found

Benny Buddler
Captain Barnacle & Miss Tentacle
  • Buys Greenhouse seeds for horseshoes
  • Captain of The Ship Harbor
Captain Yarnacle & Miss Tentacle
  • Repair his Jetty twice a day for rewards
  • Captain of The Jetty
Daniel Cooperr
Eva Apple
Farmer George
Frida Flower
Greta Greensmith
Johnny Apple
Lana Kealoha
Lester Crowley
Lilly Littlefoot
  • Helps you begin your Flower Farm
The Master
Matilda McMuffin
Monica Moneybag
Montgomery "Monty" Goldwinin
Nils Nordson
Oleg Fisher
Omar Al-Tajer
Professor James
  • Legacy of the Mayans Even
Rita Mercury
Rose McLundy
Steve Screwdriver
  • The Architect
  • Helps you to Upgrade your Buildings
Tessa Townsendd
The Twins - Jack and Jim
Vicky Ventura
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