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Cooperative Tree must be a co-op member

Info Members Water all trees Water Cooperative Tree
The cooperative tree grows with your cooperative level.
You and your fellow members can water the tree so you can harvest from it. The more members required to water it, the higher your reward.
level 1 - No co-op level 2 - Co-op level 1 - 10 level 3 - Co-op level 11 - 20
When your tree is ready to collect,
it will look like this ▼
level 4 - Co-op level 21 - 30 level 5 - Co-op level 31and higher
You will get 3 groups of rewards. I say groups, because of each item you see, you have the chance of getting several pieces. The tree will usually give collectibles, but may also give dollars and XP. A possible reward from the tree can be 1 lunchbox, 5 tickets and 10.000 dollars. You will always get 3 items.

Shows who has watered your tree already today.
on the left: Shows what level your cooperative tree is.
on the right: Shows who has watered your cooperative tree already.
At the bottom of the page you can see how many more times your cooperative tree must be watered before you can collect your rewards.
Our cooperative tree is level 5 so it must be watered 38 times, as you can see mine has been watered 28 of 38 times.
Your members list will always be sorted by member's level with Leader and/or Founder at top of the list. image was edited to show all icons
= currently on line
= on within the last 12 hrs
= on within the last 48 hrs
= on within the last 7 days
= on within the last 10 days
non activity, I'd give 2 weeks if no prior message was sent.
= co-op leader
= co-op founder
= deputies
= golden shovel and rake
The more shovels you have, the better you contributed to the running projects. The ultimate rank of shovels is the golden shovel and rake icon.
The shovels get re-calculated after every project!
Every orange shovel indicates a new rank of contribution in projects.
The golden shovel indication in the last line is added after your name and can be added as long as it is the highest in the co-op. Thus, it is possible that the golden shovel is given to somebody with 4 or any other number of orange shovels. It is also possible that several people get the golden shovel.
The shovels are calculated over the 5 most recently run projects, weighing the best 4 heaviest and of those 4 the last project weighs heaviest as well. How exactly the formula works is not clear.
What is clear is that it includes your level, the amount you contributed to each project, the level of the project, the maximum possible amount of co-op members and possibly also what your farm is capable of producing.

You may also filter your members list by highlighting one of the selections on the drop-down, current selection will be at top of list.
Dollars invested: Total farm cash donated to cooperative to date.
Gold invested: Total gold donated to cooperative to date.
Project activity: Total participation calculated over the 5 most recently run projects
Water all trees
Mouse over to get information similar to the image shown on the left.
It will cost 5 gold to water each tree.
You will only be charged for trees that are ready to water.
Image shows that I have 48 trees ready and it will cost 240 gold to water them all.
Left click on the icon to water all cooperative trees that are ready.
Watering the Cooperative tree will...
  • gives you 200 farm cash for each tree
  • give members collectables when harvested

Step 1
Click on the "Zoom in" icon of the Chat menu.

Step 2
Click on a member's name on the list.

then click on "Visit farm".

Step 3
Once on their farm you'll notice the
Cooperative tree ready to be watered.

If it does not carry this sign, but says it will have to be collected first, this means you either have watered it already that day or the tree is ready to collect and the person will have to come online to collect their tree first!

Step 4
Make use of the members menu
to travel to other members farm.

= This tree is ready to water.

= This tree has already been watered.

= This tree is ready to collect and
waiting for that player to do so.

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