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Gourmet Farm
Decoration Tower

When you purchase decorations from the Build menu make sure you are on the farm you intend to place them on. Soon as you purchase it the deco will be placed on your pointer. You may still cancel your purchase last minute by clicking on an area where the deco turns red. NOTE: Decorations can not swap farms. Once you place a deco on one of your farms, it belongs to that farm.

Under your Inventory
you have 2 icons...
Local inventory: Each farm has it's own and stores all your decorations from that farm. Drop box: Decorations received for any reason other than purchase through the Build menu can be found in here.
Places deco
on your farm.
Delete deco.
Save it for
Greta instead.
Build time: Estimated time to build this deco.
Size: Exact size of the deco.
Happiness: Total happiness awarded with deco.
Quality: Quality rating of this deco.
XP: Granted experience for building this deco.
NOTE: When Greta upgrades a deco's happiness the quality will also increase after a determined amount of points.
The special decorations with Village happiness and Rebuild times may be built on any pertinent farm to add happiness for the co-op village.
Once they activate the village, we'll be able to harvest new items (plants, rocks, sand, clay, etc.). We can use those items in the Co-Op Village to make (new) stuff (like ropes, shingles, bricks, and more). Those items have a production cost.
The "Rebuild Time" prevents people from picking up 10 "regular" Decos off their farm, dropping 10 "village" decos to replace them, then going to the village to start producing 100 bricks (at a reduced cost because of the 10 village deco), then returning and swapping out those decos again.
You will have to decide when placing your deco if you want high farm happiness, high village happiness, or a split of the 2.

This is your Decoration collection tower.
NOTE: Each floor has a distinctive decoration scheme.

Every decoration in the game can be found in this tower. When you build a deco that you haven't built before you will notice this icon over top of the tower to let you know there's a new deco in the tower to be unlocked.

For now the Decoration tower is just a place for you to unlock your many different decorations that you get. You must build them first before you can unlock them in the tower. I would suggest that you continue building and unlocking them because things may change and you wouldn't want to miss out on something later on.

As your farm grows and you find there is no room left for more decos, Greta the Landscape Architect will become your best friend and will be more then happy to take your money to upgrade your decos.

Unlocking new decorations in the tower:
To unlock a new deco in your Decoration collection search for a floor with a ◄red dot exclamation that indicates there is a deco on
that floor to unlock.

Once you have unlocked a decoration in the
tower it will remain unlocked even if you do not have that deco on any of your farms anymore.

How to scroll through floors:
Hold your mouse pointer over the ◄list of floors then use you mouse wheel to scroll through the available floors.
Thank you artful (US1) 

see the Decoration tower for an alphabetical listing of all decorations in the game.

Now you can demolish decos for parts right
from your farm. Greta must be in parking lot.

You're going to need all the deco parts you can get to help upgrade your decorations.

The higher Quality level a decoration is, the more it will cost for each upgrade point.

You'll have to mortgage your house to upgrade a Quality level 9 decoration by just 1 point.

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