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get started on your fleet yesterday, you'll need it

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As soon as you have complete all of the fishing tasks on your farms, you will get a task and a new ship will dock right next to Oleg on your Flower Farm!
This means that you must have completed all of
Oleg's task list first. The last task you need to complete for that particular quest is called "Patience is silver but hooks are golden". Once you have finished that one (buying and using a large minnow hook), the dockyard will be fully unlocked.      Thank you Rowdy Rac

After that step, a new deep sea fishing area will be available to explore!

◄From the Flower farm's Dockyard you’ll have
2 options as shown on the left.
Produce chum or theFishing region

From the Fishing region's Dockyard you’ll
have 2 options as shown on the right.►
Produce chum orManage boats
Upgrading the dockyard allows you to buy more and better boats.

Getting started:
If nothing works... Check the taskbar on ALL of your farms, looking for any with a fish on the tab & it should be at the top of the list of tasks. Thank you WascallyWabbit

Click on the newFishingFishing icon found on your Farm selection menu ►
or use the Dock yard's ring menu to travel to the Fishing region.

You'll get a new task, "Deep sea fishing".
Omar wants you to buy a new boat so click on the Dockyard.

Only a Motorboat is available until your Dockyard gets upgraded.

Buy the motorboat and you'll see it being built next to the doc. ►

NOTES: You cannot buy a boat while the dockyard is upgrading.
You may have a total of 14 boats in your fleet.
Soon as your Dockyard is upgraded demolish your old fleet for a new better one.

see also Oleg's 26 Task list and Dockyard task list
Griffith's Guide and Tips may also be helpful
see also Getting started suggestions from pathway, it's worth a look
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