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Dockyard Profitability Calculator
load your boats fast and easy

UPDATE: 10/8/2017 Dockyard Calc.xlsx
post from Southern (US1)
In DoctorX's absence, I have updated the Dockyard Calculator with the current (Direct Sale) prices and current Travel Times to reflect the latest updates to Deep Sea Fishing.
No other changes have been made.
Hopefully DoctorX will return (soon!) and add the new features we've been requesting. But for those of you who have been asking for an updated Dockyard Calculator with the current prices, here ya go.
Full credit still goes to DoctorX for creating this outstanding tool; I'm just updating it so that people can still use it to calculate the best equipment with the best profit based on current Direct Sale prices. :)
(You'll still make more money if the items are sold through contracts) :)     Thank you Southern (US1)
UPDATE: 6/30/2017
Download your Dockyard Calc.xlsx V2.1. Below you'll see an image of what the Dockyard Calculator looks like, give it a try. I found it very helpful and easy to use.
For those of you, like me, that don't have anything to open a .xlsx file. Download this Microsoft OpenOffice. It's a free and safe Microsoft download.

A word from DoctorX:

Hi Everyone
If your like me and you want to make the most out of the new Dockyard but you don't know what Crew/Equipment will give you the best returns, here is the solution for you. I decided to develop a Excel Calculator to help us make the decisions.

Please take note that the Calculator is only about 98% Accurate due to the fact that I have not taken Loss due to some Disaster into account.

UPDATE: 6/30/2017 Thank you DoctorX for the following directions :)
A -Select location and the boat you would like to use
B - Enter the quantity needed to empty location (Can be left blank, Calc will assume that enough fish is available.
C - Select strategy type
For strategy type "Profit/Hour" and "Income/Hour" 
Select a time Option 1 "Best" gives you the best "Profit/Hour" and "Income/Hour" and ignores time Option 2 gives the best combination withing that time 
D - Select if you want to use the Recommended Combination Y uses the combination listed under Best where as Nuses the values you enter.
If you plan to use Non-standard crew set this not N
- Specs of your ship before and after crew is added.
F - Fishing time 
G - Recommended combination (NB The recommended combination is based only on standard crew, no non-standard crew or chum is included in the recommended combination)
H - Fish Caught
- Income and cost of Trip
J -Income and Profit per Hour
- Non Standard Items and Crew
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