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Hidden Decorations
main farm, gourmet, farm flower farm

These are old maps but they still work because none of the new expansions have hidden decos. As long as you start at top right corner then count left or down it will all work out :)
Main farm
A - Pile of goods
C - Lake
E - Duck pond
J - Ice cream truck
L - Flower Bed
R - Cozy picnic area
T - Ornamental tree

Gourmet farm
A - Cozy picnic area
C - Ice cream truck
E - Western Windmill
J - Barbecue area
L - Hay Bale
R - Fountain
T - Vegetable Patch

Flower farm
A - Big ornamental tree
C - Shed
E - May Pole
J - Lake
L - Well
R - Wooden wagon
T - Fountain
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