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Oleg Fisher
all about fishing with Oleg

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The Old Fisherman

Hello, there! It seems like I've gotten myself into quite a predicament! I tried to catch a king-sized trout, but then I found a very angry shark on my fishhook instead! The beast managed to crash my boat against the pier and even broke my fishing gear!

NOTE: There is much to learn and much to do with this new fishing feature but don't let that scare you. Once you get off on the right foot
you will find it very enjoyable.

Fresh water stream fish: Main farm
Bass Carp Catfish Pickerel Sturgeon
Fresh water pond fish: Gourmet farm
Bass Carp Catfish Pickerel Sturgeon
green text =
no bait needed because those fish are already in the tanks.
Salt water fish: Flower farm
Bass Bonito Bluefish Grouper Hogfish Mahi

Below are links to pages with simple information on what needs to be done as you progress in your fishing adventure.
Use the menu above for more detailed information on each section in fishing.

First things First
You need to do a series of Side tasks before you can start your true fishing experience.
The most important thing you'll want to work on is your Fishing level and that is done by Fishing and Training.
Oleg dose not use the Bucket and Tackle box but you do.
If your plan is to just send Oleg out for your fish as you train then your Bucket and Tackle box can wait until you decide to fish on your own.
For those of you that want to Train instead of fish you can Send Oleg fishing to support the Mermaid Bay.
Once your Fishing level is 10 you can start Renting boats.
You will want to start making seafood dishes in the Mermaid Bay to support your fishing expenses.
This video shows my thoughts on the best way to Go fishing. watch the video
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