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Horse Ranch
Horse Season

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The horse season comes at regular intervals and lasts about 6 weeks. It is playable from level 60.

It takes place on your horse ranch and you can find it when you click on your Competition transporter.

You can find an overview and collect your prizes on the Notice board.
In addition to prizes, you can also win avatars and trophies that you can show on your trophy podium.

If you need more fuel, you can buy it at the gas station. You can find the fuel station at the horse market or you can get there directly if you click on the + at the bottom of the fuel display for your transporter.

Competition transporter

Race against big farm characters Lester Crowley, Old George and Tessa Townsend.
Challenge other players in a Season Tournament challenge.
Do note: It is important to understand that you only win points when you challenge somebody else and win.
And you only lose points when somebody else challenges you and you lose.
Horse season and challenges
In every horse tournament season you have the choice between three disciplines in which you can compete: jumping, racing and dressage. In each discipline you have the choice between one of three participants. Each discipline offers its own slightly different course structure and challenges rewards.
In the Tournament Challenge dialog box, you can see the course ahead of time and its challenges (e.g. what type of obstacles are set up, what attributes each obstacle requires, etc.). This allows the player to strategically select the best horse from his selection for the challenges he has to face.

Each challenge (course) contains a number of obstacles to be expected in the tournament challenge dialog box. There are three different types of obstacles related to the horse's three characteristics. They are strength, endurance and skill. The horse's characteristics affect how the horse can overcome any obstacle.

Discipline 1 - Show Jumping:
Green double fence
Blue ox-fence
Red cross fence
Discipline 2 - Racing:
Mud hole
Sand heap
Ground branches
Discipline 3 - Dressage:
Parade march gate
Triple tree chicane
Flower bed volte
The following information is displayed in the Tournament Challenge dialog box:
You can see all obstacles on a course by clicking on the large green arrow.
The horse panel - offers two different views
Items that your horse has equipped. You can also add items to the panel.
Attributes and breeding effects
The opponent's horse panel
You can check the horse of your opponent for his horse values ​​(attributes and breeding effects).
Items with which the opposing horse is equipped are shown as question marks.
The horse trait display
You can see all the information about how your horse would behave in the selected challenge.
Energy costs (Fuel ) for a challenge
As soon as you click on the green “Start” button, the challenge animation will start and you will immediately receive the challenge results.
To equip your horse, please see Using Equipment
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