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Horse training and breeding checklist
created by Fallen (INT1)

With this version you will train and breed two multi-disciplined level 49 horses.
1) This checklist is to help keep track of training and breeding your champion horse in the BigFarmGame. 
2) Use this spreadsheet in conjunction with the CrazyBigFarm horse tutorial which can be found here.
3) A minimum of a Level 5 Stable (Level 6 is better) is required.
4) Macros need to be enabled to allow this checklist to work. 
5) As you progress with the training and breeding change the relevant cell from "n" to "y".
6) The cells in the Progress Tree will change colour as you complete steps. 
7) Save this spreadsheet often!  
8) Any errors can be reported to @Fallen (INT1) via the BigFarmGame Forum. 
9) Suggestions and improvements are welcome.
Note: v2.8 indicates 2nd Version Step 8. (Newer versions in progress)
Checklist can be downloaded here.
Last updated : Monday, October 05, 2020
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