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Your Stable will introduce Goldy as your first horse. Each time you level your stable you will unlock another stall. With each unlocked stall, you will be able to purchase a horse with 10 competition horseshoes. Just click on an empty box and choose a new horse to purchase.

I did purchase a horse from the stable, that's it there in the Details window. ▼ As you can see it's nothing special, just a level 0 Goldy.

see Larino's Horsebreeding 101 or take a look at my Champion for breeding information.

Your own horse(s)
Of course you will be able to name your current and future horses - even Goldy can be renamed.
As with all naming processes, giving the first individual name will be free, every other name change will cost gold.
Similar to your dog's age display, you will be able to tell how old any of your horses are.
Attributes and attribute levels
Each horse has 3 attributes that play a vital role in competitions:
How strong each of these attributes are is determined by attribute levels that can be raised through training.
Breeding information
In a future update, you will be able to tell which generation of breeding your horse is from. It will be shown at the top right of each horse's portrait.
When you bread your horses you loose the parents and only keep the foal.
Your horses' 3 attributes can be improved by training on the training grounds
Training your horses takes horseshoes and rewards you with training points which are needed to increase attribute levels.
Player horses can now reach level 100.
Higher levels take more XP from training. You won't see attribute gains until you complete a whole level of training in an attribute.
Training from the Stable

Once you select a horse in the stable menu, you may see 3 different progress bars - one for each attribute. These progress bars display the current attribute level and how many training points are left to advance to the next attribute level.

From there, as well as through each of the training grounds' ring menus, you may access the respective training interface:

  • Riding Circle - Agility training
  • Show Jumping Course - Strength training
  • Riding Arena - Endurance training

Once you select a training interface, all horse attributes will be displayed, but the attribute you are about to train will be highlighted so you can be sure you selected the right training method for the attribute you would like to improve.

Only one horse may be trained on each training ground, each horse may only train one attribute at a time, and training grounds are closed during upgrades.

If you really do not have enough horseshoes and want a cheaper way of training, you may want to train on the lowest possibility. That possibility will cost 20 horseshoes per training and give 2 points, plus the amount of points you get extra for your training facilities. For this to be most profitable, you need a high level training facility that gives a lot of extra training points. Every level of a training facility gives one extra point. If you continue to train your horse on the lowest possibility, you will even save a lot of horseshoes in the long run. Training once max non-intensive on a level 5 training course towards a full level (level 13) will cost 1530 horseshoes. If you train on that same course only on the lowest possibility, you will spend roughly 1300 shoes once your horse has reached the same full level. The only downside of this strategy is that it will take you days, even weeks to train 1 horse and thus it will take months to get a high level horse following the steps above.

Last updated : Friday, September 18, 2020
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