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Horse Ranch
Training Grounds

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Training from the Show jumping course
Use the Show jumping course to train your horse's
 Increases Show Jumping
Training from the Riding arena
Use the Riding arena to train your horse's
 Increases Racing
Training from the Riding circle
Use the riding circle to train your horse's
 Increases Dressage
All 3 Training arenas have a max level of 10.
Upgrading a training arena will grant additional bonuses on the amount of training points you get per training (+1 XP per upgrade level). This will be displayed accordingly.
If training is in section the remaining training time will be displayed in the training arena's ring menu and in the respective training interface.
Each training takes a fixed amount of time that can be skipped using gold.
Once the training is over, you may collect all earned training points in the training interface and start a new one right away if you desire.

Helpful reminders:
Horseshoes are needed to train your horses in the
arenas and you get them from the Ship harbor.
Competition horseshoes are needed to upgrade the
arenas and you get them from training your horses.
To gain a breeding effect every time you breed, you need horses
that are trained to these benchmark levels: 10, 20, 35, 50, 70, 90.
Every one of these levels will give you an extra breeding effect slot on your foal.
You can train 1 different horse on each of the training areas.
You can not train your horse on a training area that is being upgraded, but you can train your horse while the stable is being upgraded.
Advice from Nafaru: If you struggle to get enough horseshoes to train your horses, never invest in intensive training! This option was added for those with an abundance of horseshoes to spend, to enable them to get training results that are a little higher than usual.
The effective amount of horseshoes you
should spent on certain level of arena:
Level 1 Arena : 400 Horseshoes Level 2 Arena : 800 Horseshoes
Level 3 Arena : 1200 Horseshoes Level 4 Arena : 1600 Horseshoes Level 5 Arena : 2000 Horseshoes

Once you select a horse from the Riding circle,  Show Jumping Course or the Riding Arena ring menu, you may see 3 different progress bars - one for each attribute. These progress bars display the current attribute level and how many training points are left to advance to the next attribute level.►
At the bottom of the training interface, you will find a slider to choose how many horseshoes you would like to invest on training - the amount of horseshoes used determines if training is classified as regular or intensive.

Upgrades of each training arena up until level 5 will push the transition from regular to intensive training farther to the right side of the slider, making the training less straining for your horse and more effective in terms of horseshoes spent for training point gains.

Now what does max non-intensive mean? If you open a training facility (in the example arenas are all level 10), you see a slider. That slider can be moved to the right and at some point it will change from non-intensive brown to intensive orange color. Right before that color change, you should stop sliding and start the training. That is your maximum non-intensive point. Training intensive will only use up many more horseshoes for little gain in levels for your horse. If you are swimming in horseshoes that is fine, but to save horseshoes max non-intensive is a better idea, as shown on the right. ►

◄ The progress bar of the chosen attribute for training will reflect the changes the next training will have on the progress, so you can
forecast if the training you are about to start will already result in a level-up of the Attribute.
A low level horse gains very little levels when you train it twice. When your horse is higher level, you may consider training it several times before breeding, since it will gain more levels in the second (and third etc.) training, but not as many as a new foal would.
Training full levels is better than partial levels if you get the horse ready for breeding, since partial levels will only be lost in the breeding process. I would recommend staying in non-intensive though, unless it is just a bit into the intensive area to get to the next full level.
What's New 2020
Strength training
Decrease the likelihood of opposing the behavior and increase the change in frenzied behavior at the obstacles
Sand heap, Flower bed volte and Blue ox-fence.
Endurance training
Reduce the likelihood of shyness and increase the change in frenzy behavior at the obstacles
Mud hole, Triple tree chicane and Red cross fence.
Agility training
Reduce the likelihood of shyness and increase the change in frenzied behavior at the obstacles
Ground branches, Parade march gate and Green double fence.
Breeding effects
Increasing the likelihood that behavior in racing accelerates and increasing the likelihood of opposing behavior in the other two disciplines.
Increase in the likelihood of rushing behavior in dressage and increase in change in balking behavior in the other two disciplines.
Increasing the likelihood of rushing behavior when jumping and increasing the change in obstacle behavior in the other two disciplines.
Rarity level
- has no particular impact at the moment
Alliance horse paddock
- has no particular impact at the moment
With the change in the impact of horse stats, each horse now has three different possible behaviors when an obstacle is encountered in the course of the challenge.
Ordinary behavior
The horse passes every obstacle at the regular speed.
Balking behavior
The horse passes every obstacle more slowly. Requires a longer time than usual.
Rushing behavior
The horse passes every obstacle faster. Shorter time than usual required.
Note: The horse's characteristics determine exactly how fast (or slowly) the horse will pass each obstacle or track. Training your horse increases its performance (speed).
Horse training dialogue
You can use any training such as strength, endurance and agility to improve your horse stats as before. The training system hasn't changed much, but the new dialog offers existing horse stats in a different way.
Every horse attribute is requested by an obstacle of each discipline. For example, the following image shows how your horse behaves on any obstacle (the field on the left). You can also see how much time each behavior your horse gains after training. (the panel on the right)
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