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Competition Transporter

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Through the competition transporter, you may access the competition menu,
from which you can choose opponents and take part in competitions.
Race against big farm characters Lester Crowley, Old George and Tessa Townsend.
Challenge other players in a Season Tournament challenge.
Do note: It is important to understand that you only win points when you challenge somebody else and win.
And you only lose points when somebody else challenges you and you lose.

Helpful reminders
Make sure you choose your champion for each discipline in the Tournament preparation tab.
You wouldn't want that low level breeder as your champion.
Make sure you buy the Small Amount of Fuel from the Gas station every chance you get.
This might mean 2 more wins for you each time.
To gain a breeding effect every time you breed, you need horses that are trained to these benchmark levels: 10, 20, 35, 50, 70, 90.
Breed two horses level 35 or higher to have a chance for a breeding quality 2.
You can not race your horse while it's training.
You can race your horse while the stable or training areas are upgrading.
What's new 2020?
Please see Horse Season

Racing against big farm characters Here you can challenge George, Lester or Tessa to compete against you. If you win, you'll receive competition horseshoes. If you lose, it will have no effect on your number of competition horseshoes or your rank.

Old George’s horse Minnie is a great show jumper and he is ready to challenge you in this discipline. Lester Crowley will challenge you in a dressage competition with his horse Dusty. Finally Tessa Townsend would like to try to outrun you in a racing competition with her horse Dakota.

Whether you win or lose is determined by your horse’s level and the character’s level.

Every time you win, their level will go up until they win. On winning you get golden horseshoes, which can be used to upgrade your training facilities.

When you lose a cool down will be triggered and you can only attempt to challenge them again after the cool down has run out. ►




Once George, Lester or Tessa reach level 220, you will not be able to challenge them anymore. ►

Challenge other players Right now it is also possible to race against other players. Race seasons run for about a month with a week of rest in between. You need to race against other players to get tournament points. The more points you have, the higher up you get in the leagues. There is a bronze, silver, gold and platinum league in which you need certain amounts of points to move up. If you end the season in one of these leagues, you get extra prizes besides the prizes you already won from moving up in the league itself. A league has 5 stages. If you manage to win against 50 players in platinum league, you move into the diamond league. Once in diamond, you cannot drop out any more.
To win points, you need to win while challenging others. Losing against others you challenged will only give you a few competition horseshoes, winning will give many more horseshoes and 4 tournament points. To be able to challenge others, you need fuel. You can see the amount of fuel you have bottom left (red circle on the picture above). The maximum amount you can have (without buying a larger fuel tank) is 100. Fuel will replenish by 10 every hour. The timer indicates how much time is left before it replenishes and the +10 shows how much fuel replenishes every hour. (I bought a booster on the picture above, so mine says +11). You need 12 fuel to race against one other player.
If you want to buy fuel instead of waiting for it to replenish, you can go to the gas station (click the green button with the white plus on the fuel bar). The first option allows you to buy 3 sets of 8 fuel for dollars. You can only buy 3 sets every 24 hours; this will reset at midnight CET, the same time the day resets on the game for other elements as well. In addition you are allowed to buy another 3 sets of 16 fuel with gold if you want – this also resets every day. The second set of options allows you to buy a replenishment booster. The first booster that costs dollars will add 1 fuel to the amount that replenishes each hour (so now 11 fuel replenishes each hour as you can see in the picture above, it says +11 in green). This booster runs for 24 hours. This run time stacks when you buy the booster several times (so buying it twice will run it for 48 hours). The second booster costs gold and will replenish 2 extra per hour (so +12). This one will also run for 24 hours and again that run time stacks. The last set you can buy enlarges your fuel tank. This influences the maximum amount of fuel you can carry. Normally this is 100, but with the first pack it will be 150. The second pack will even enlarge your tank to be able to carry 300 fuel. Both packs cost gold and will only be valid for one racing season. So when a new season starts your tank will be reset to 100.

Others can also challenge you. When you win against them, you get nothing but a few competition horseshoes. It is important to win though, because if you lose when somebody else challenges you, you lose competition points! The higher the league you are in, the more points you lose. In bronze you lose none, in silver you lose one, in gold you lose two and in platinum you lose four every time you got challenged and lost. You can see who challenged you and what the result was on the Notice board (second tab). Click the message to see the details of the race. You can also quickly scan the subjects, they will show whether it was a victory, clear victory, loss or clear loss. The difference between normal loss or clear loss does not influence the amount of points you lose.
The prizes you can win while moving up in the leagues exist of dollars, extra fuel, tokens, mystery boxes, horseshoes and seaweed materials. When you stick in the league until the end of the season you can win an amount of gold, a title, some avatars and a trophy. In diamond you also get a unique golden stallion decoration (4×4, 60 happiness). You can view the prizes you will get on the first tab of the notice board. Use the large green arrows to flick through the leagues and the small brown arrows in the league prize section to flick through the different prizes you will get when you end up in that league at the end of the season. In the top left corner you can see for how much longer the season will be running and in the top right corner you can see in which league you are and how many points you have. I am currently in the Gold I league, only a few points away from Platinum V. Next to the season prizes display you can see how many points you get for a win and how many points you lose when others challenge you and you lost against them in the league you selected.
Once you successfully finished a season and you got all your season prizes, you can view them on the third tab of the notice board. You can choose which title you want to be shown when others challenge you and which avatar you want others to see. Do note, this avatar will also be shown on your farm above your username (where usually a barn picture is shown). You can set your trophy on the trophy stand on the horse farm (located next to the horse shop). see Notice board for more information
HOT TIP: Save all your gas won during the competition until the last day then use it all for a last day push to the next league. Thank you Southern (US1) for the tip

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