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Nifty extras
Laminating tips:
Ever scene Southern told me she was gonna laminate her Harvest times sheet I've gone hog-wiled and laminate all my worksheets now.
Southern says she takes her sheets to OfficeMax and gets them laminated. My OfficeMax charges $2.50 for each 8 1/2 x 11 sheet.
I am as cheep as they come so I went to my local Wal-Mart to get myself some self-seal laminating sheets and do it myself. While I was there I stumbled across a Scotch Thermal Laminator for $19.99, it takes only 10 minutes to heat up and I just love it. I also picked up a 20 pack of Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches for $8.88. They are so easy to use. No sticky mess, eliminating the chance of mistakes.
I also grabbed a pack of these Quartet ReWritables Mini Dry-Erase Markers for $3.47 because they had the erasers right on the caps, making it a win-win situation. The 6 pack of assorted fine tip markers include black, blue, red, green, purple and yellow.
NOTE: Make sure you get fine tip markers or your work sheets will be one big mess.
For the Architect upgrade sheets and the Farm goal sheets you will want markers that are a bit more permanent so they don't wipe off by mistake over time. I picked up a package of EXPO Vis-a-Vis Wet Erase Markers for $7.44. The 5 pack of assorted fine tip markers include blue, red, green and 2 black. They will not wipe off over time, simply dampen the corner of a napkin to wipe off the marker.
Thank you Southern for the idea, you have made my life a whole lot easer even though I chose to laminate my worksheets myself.
Gold Doublers are new consumable items in Big Farm which double your next gold purchase.
This means that for the first gold purchase you make after receiving the item you will receive twice as much as usual!

The Gold Doublers will be available as rewards and also in offers.

You can own multiple Gold Doublers and keep them as long as you want to. But a Gold Doubler will always be used automatically the next time you purchase gold.
You can combine the Gold Doublers with many in-game offers, though if making a purchase during a Prime Time offer (e.g. 120% bonus) the Doubler will not be used and instead be saved for your next purchase outside of a Prime Time offer.
Cooperative construction slot
The cooperative village has it's own build slot.
This is a good thing because some upgrades will take days to complete.
WARNING: Events that take place on the cooperative village will not us this construction slot due to the long cooperative building upgrades. Event building upgrades here will use your Universal construction slot and your One-time construction slot even though they take place on the village.
Island construction slot
The new slot will appear as a tab on the original building slot window.
As you can see in the image the temp farms also use your Universal construction slot.
The Island construction slot will make it possible to have an additional build or upgrade going on your temp farm at the same time.
This Island construction slot will cost you 56,000 to activate on day one of your temp farm.
This image was taken with 16 days left on the Candy farm, as you can see the price has gone down 9,000 gold in 8 days. If my calculations are correct that the price goes down 1,125 a day.
The only time I would suggest using this Island construction slot would be the last 2 days of the temp farm for those of you that demolish buildings to get more island currency to buy seeds.
Even then it will cost you 24,750, still a little too rich for my blood just to have the convenience of demolishing two things at the same time.
CM Latten said: While the second build slot is surely a premium feature, solely for convenience and not at all necessary to play the game, don't forget that its price will go down the longer the island farm is active. If you just want to use it to clear up some tasks at the end of the island cycle, it will be notably more affordable than it is when the event starts.
one-time construction slot
The new slot will appear as a tab on the original building slot window.
Construction tokens will be available as Hard Worker rewards in events. Only 52 tokens can be stored in your inventory and each use of the One-time construction slot costs 50 tokens.
Once you have collected enough tokens the next construction will be activated in the One-time construction slot, which will deduct 50 tokens it costs to build that item. You will then be able to start an additional construction to your Universal construction slot.
PLEASE NOTE: As soon as you have 50 construction tokens available, any item you choose to construct will always be sent to the new construction slot first, even with a low construction time.
A dialogue will inform you when you have enough tokens to use the slot so please plan accordingly and your building slot will have a green outline like the image shown on the right.
This includes decorations with a rebuild time, such as decos with VHP. Library books can only be upgraded/built one at a time and you will be unable to upgrade 2 books at once in the construction slot.
The image on right shows that I have 59 construction tokens available, don't be fooled, once you log off all tokens will be removed from your inventory that accede 52 like shown in the image below.
This dialogue will pop-up when you have enough tokens to use the One-time construction slot.
The One-time construction slot is not available on the Cooperative village or the temp farms. The village has it's own Construction slot and the Candy, Tropic & Viking farms have their own Island construction slot that cost 56,000 to activate.
WARNING: We do not have any control over when our hard earned construction tokens get used so be very careful to keep watch of how many you have so you don't waste them on a 2 second decoration.
OKTOBERFEST WARNING: The food stand upgrades will use your Universal construction slot and your One-time construction slot even though they take place on the cooperative village.
Gold confirmation
The gold confirmation pop-up will be triggered once you’re about to spend more than your set threshold (default: 250 gold).

We hope that this little feature will support many of you in your daily tasks and reduce the frustration of accidental gold spending, which will give you more time to enjoy new interesting features.

In order to use the feature you will first have to activate it in your game settings, where you can also decide for your personal threshold.

Activate the feature, set you own threshold and you’re good to go!

TIP from Southern (US1)
Be careful of that "Don't Show This Again" checkbox on the confirmation window though - if you check that, it turns the Gold Lock back OFF and you have to go turn it back ON again (or run the risk of spending gold when you don't mean to)
Speaking of which, the default for the gold lock (after the patch) is OFF, so make sure you specificially go in and turn in ON. :)
Last updated : Monday, September 28, 2020
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