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Production cost
happiness is the key to production cost

Some of you might think this is a promotion for Greta Greensmith, well she is very important when it comes to your production cost, but no I'm not promoting her.
I do however feel that she is one of the best things that GGS has added to the game for us.
The first thing I really need to mention is decorations. Decorations are THE most important thing on your farm. You want the happiness meter to be in the green as far as possible. The best decos in the game are from the Theme Events.
-96% production costs is the best you will ever get although that may be reaching for the stars. Right now between -80% and -90% is as good as it gets, so that is more than sufficient. Make sure that your decorations leave room on your farm for production buildings. That is where Greta comes in handy.
The less production costs, the less you pay to start your building's production and the more profit you make.
When you look at the Positive Happiness chart on the right you'll notice that 218 happiness dose give you a production cost of -77%.
Three more things that will help increase your happiness are the Fence, Gate and Retro Classic tractor.
When you look at the Negative Happiness chart on the right you'll notice that -74 happiness dose give you a production cost of 171%.
Last but not least, your Dog.
When your dog is sitting on your farm hungry, like this poor little guy he will protest and not give you any happiness. Make sure you always check your dog before you do anything.
Last updated : Monday, September 28, 2020
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