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Tessa's Dream World!
Duration:: 4 weeks  Requirements:: must be level 30

Getting Started The Dream World Land Expansions Side Task Buildings Visit Friends Simple Template
Ranking and Rewards Trade Center WoF Dream Market Dream Library Dream Garage Tessa's Information Center Farm Menu bar

There are 2 ways to enter the Dream World...

1- Click on the Dream World icon top of the Farm selection menu, shown on right.

2- Click on it's building in the parking lot, then click on Enter the dream, shown below.

The one shown on the right has worked perfectly for me every time so far.

Getting back home
There are 3 ways to get back home to your Main farms, with #3 being the best choice by far.
This will close the Dream World
then open your Main farms.
  This will close the Dream World
then open your Main farms.
  This will leave the Dream World open then open your Main farms in a new tab.
Saving you valuable wasted time from jumping between farms all the time.
Last updated : Thursday, October 15, 2020
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