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Advent Calendar
Duration: 24 days

Santa's coming to town, and he brought a lot of presents - but he also has a problem: Rudolph, his famous reindeer, has disappeared. Can you help out?
Every day, you can find Rudolph the Reindeer on your farm! He will change positions daily, but once you've found him, the daily Advent Calendar door will open up as a dialogue window with the current date, presenting a small task, prize or other surprise. Rewards will depend on the player's level. The prize pool will consist of many different items or currency, including the new currency, Festive Stars, which you can use throughout our holiday events. If you miss a day, no problem: You can always go back and collect a missed reward with gold. This is only offered once per prize, as usual.
As part of the Advent Calendar, you will encounter very special micro events.
UPDATE 12/13/2018: Where to dig now for Hidden prizes on Day 13 of the Advent Calendar now there are no patches and piles of snow.

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