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BF Anniversary
Duration:: 14 days

Four years of Big Farm!
We're celebrating our four year anniversary and want to build a float to commemorate it! If you help us, we'll be able to find the materials we need in time...

Find these materials for the parade float
You need to be active on your main farm to find materials. That means harvesting and production.

Keep harvesting your fields and stables to get as many materials as you can before the 14 days runs out. Drop rates are not guaranteed, so if you have 10 chicken coops you will not get 10 materials because each coop will not give you 1.


You took part in Big Farm's four year anniversary.
Thanks for your loyalty and keep having fun.
NOTE: You do not get the float at the end of the event! Your reward is the Anniversary flag.

Yep, that's right!  Collect all those materials and you don't even get the float at the end.

Last updated : Monday, September 14, 2020
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