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The Architect
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July 2018 I have been watching Steve for a while now and for the most part he appears about once a week now and stays for 12 hours.

Your upgrade only has to start while he is here so have your money and upgrade slot available when you feel he is due for a visit.

He starts showing up when you have at least one building that he can help you upgrade. ►

◄ Steve will always give you a 5 minute warning before he leaves. When he arrives the first thing I do is click on his truck to clear the exclamation marks. I did notice that if you don't clear then then you don't get the 5 minute warning.



Steve always arrives when Monica from the Trading Floor is already in the Parking lot.

Architect upgrade Sheet instructions:
Level you must be to upgrade. = level you must be to do the upgrade
Workers = needed workers or added workers from a house
also on printable Sheets:
= check this box if this building will be a priority on Steve's next visit
# = total number of buildings ready to be upgraded
TIP: Use a pencil so you can erase your doodles rather than print a new sheet.
TIP: Or take it to OfficeMax and have them laminate it. Then you can just use a dry erase marker to fill it in. see Laminating tips for more information
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