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Christmas Preparations
Duration: 4 weeks

This year, Santa needs your help to organize and prepare a beautiful and magical Christmas for all the children around the world! It looks like all the elves went on a trip through freezing Lapland on a magical train and left Santa all alone to take care of the preparations!

Is your cooperative ready to take on the challenge? If you prove to be a great help, you will be rewarded with a very special and unique decoration that will improve both your farm happiness and your cooperative village happiness! But even the smallest effort counts; tons of small goodies await those who contribute to the cause.

Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Drop Rate Charts Getting ready for Christmas Preparations
Chapter quest:
This page shows your Chapter 1 quest list of needed produce.
We have 4 days to get from Phase 1 to Phase 3 and the object is to have as much time on phase 3 as we can.
You must harvest all produce to complete your list so take a good look at your list to see what will need to be planted and started in a process building.
Even though this phase is to harvest you will want to keep your barns full for phase 2.
You will want to get your list filled a.s.a.p. so the Co-op will have more time to spend on phase 3.
You may not have any Mermaid Bay dishes this week, but you may next week so upgrade your restaurant it least 2 levels.The dishes also require Oleg to be a certain level.
To train Oleg, click on "Send Oleg fishing" then click on "Train". I would suggest, if you haven't already, get his level to 15 so you can send him out on boats while you are busy. Boats bring in more fish
You can monitor the train deco's happiness in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

Chapter 1 - 4 statistics:
Once you have finished your chapter quest, you may go on to phase 2 and help your friends complete their chapter quests.
All you do is look on the list of members to see who has not finished their chapter quest yet. Once you find someone on the list who isn't 100% you would click on their name to open a list of their needed items like shown below.
Take a look at their list and see what you can donate to help them fill their list.
You will get paid full price for your donations.
Take note that your list of possible donations will not be the exact items that they needed on their list.
When you want to thank someone in chat for filling your egg order, don't be surprised if no one says welcome.
We also get a second chance here to increase the happiness on the train deco. Each time you donate to another member's list you will earn happiness points, shown in the last row.

Last chance happiness:
Here is where you get a chance to increase the Village happiness on your decoration and to increase the base happiness on your personal decoration.
Cooperative quest:
Each time the co-op, as a group, fulfills the quest we will get 1 point of Village happiness. Soon as a quest is done we will get another one.
Personal quest:
Each time you fulfill the quest you will get 1 point of happiness for your decoration. Soon as a quest is done you will get another one.
Try completing as many bonus quest as possible.
Just click on the Donate together or Donate buttons and you will get paid full price for all your donations.
That is why it is so important to save as many days as you can for Phase 3. You'll want the time to get these quest done as fast as you can to build up that Village happiness.

Chapter 5 Collect Snowflakes:
You will get cyan and blue snowflakes from everything you harvest on your Main farm.
The cyan and blue snowflakes are divided up between your harvest.
The snowflakes are 100% drops, meaning you'll get a drop each time you harvest.
example: I have 12 chicken coops and 6 will drop 2 cyan and 6 will drop 2 blue snowflakes most of the time or 7 drop 2 cyan and 5 drop 2 blue, but I always get a drop from all 12.
Rank in the charts to get some extra happiness on you Christmas decoration.
Get a bonus of happiness on you deco.
1 - 3 +5
4 - 10 +4
11 - 25 +3
26 - 50 +2
51 - 100 +1
Get a bonus of Village happiness on you deco.
1 - 3 +3
4 - 10 +2
11 - 25 +1
see the Drop Rate Charts below
NOTE: The amounts listed for the windmill, silo, composter and lab are for single batches only. When you make max batches in theses buildings you will also get a bonus.
The following information was taken from this post on the Forum.
The Event
Christmas Preparations is an event consisting of 5 chapters.
This year the event works with harvest (phase 1) and donations (phases 2 and 3).
Chapters 1-4 follow the same pattern and last for 4 days each.
Each Chapter can have 3 phases, depending on the performance of the cooperative.
Chapter 5 is a surprise for all cooperatives.
Difficulty increases with each stage of the event.
For each chapter completed successfully, there will be a small reward (deco).
Each cooperative will work together over the course of the event in order to achieve special decoration values for all their members.
All decorations will have both farm happiness points (FHP) and village happiness points (VHP).

Chapters 1 - 4: What is there to do?
Phase 1: Individual tasks
Each cooperative member gets a task request, tailored to their respective player level.
As soon as the first harvest is made towards an order, this order has to be finished 100%. The cooperative will only be eligible for upcoming event steps and associated rewards when every member’s orders are fulfilled completely (100%).*
Every member can decide for themselves if they would like to contribute to one of the event steps. If they already know that they won't be around for the week, they can skip the respective order. However, this also means that the final reward will not reach its full happiness potential**.
In order to provide an analysis of the current status of each member's orders, progress is shown in an overview dialog. This overview is visible to every other member.
Phase 2: Guardian Period (helping others by donating products)
If you finish your own task, you can immediately start helping your friends by donating products (required goods may vary and will scale according to donors' player levels)!
Phase 3: Bonus Period (working together by donating products)
If all the members complete their respective tasks, 2 new surprise tasks will appear. After completion, 2 new ones (with slightly higher difficulty) will appear.
Cooperative task: the same task for every member, gives +1 Village Happiness point for the Chapter decoration.
Individual task: different tasks for each member, give +1 Farm Happiness point for individual players decoration.
5th Chapter: Final Preparations
In order to participate in this final chapter, the cooperative needs to get all the previous 4 decorations from chapters 1 to 4.
During this chapter, the whole cooperative will have to collect 2 kinds of snowflakes that drop from all farm productions:
Blue snowflakes have to be collected by all coop members at the same time and will increase the VHP of the 5th (last) decoration.
Cyan snowflakes have to be collected individually and will increase the FHP of each member’s decoration.

Info regarding members who join or leave a cooperative during the event:
If a member doesn’t start their task (first harvest), they’re considered inactive. This will change as soon as they harvest a product for the task/chapter.
If a cooperative loses or expels a member during phase 1 (harvesting), it will also lose all that member’s progress and inherent VHP and FHP. The member loses all the progress from the current chapter but keeps the decorations from earlier chapters (if they leave after chapter 1).
If a new member enters the cooperative during the Bonus phase, the cooperative will return to phase 2 “Guardian” and complete the new member’s task. No extra VHP or FHP gained in the bonus quests are lost.

Exclusive prizes await, scaling from small activity rewards, to decorations for each completed chapter, to a wonderful new decoration. This decoration represents your cooperative's progress during the event. It will become increasingly more valuable as you continue to finish steps. All the 5 decorations can be combined into a single, amazing Christmas Train!
How to work towards rewards?
Every time you harvest goods to fulfill one of Santa's requests, you add to a progress meter shared with your cooperative.
On top of this progress meter, you can find your personal happiness indicator. This indicator shows the VHP and FHP happiness values your final reward decoration will get and the quality level it will hold.
Happiness scales according to player level. If a player levels up, the happiness of the event decoration will be recalculated and increased accordingly.

Hard work / Activity rewards
All members participating in harvests and donations for an event chapter will unlock activity rewards.
Each activity reward is unlocked by reaching certain milestones on the happiness meter.
Each chapter phase (individual task mode, guardian mode and bonus quest mode) has its own set of rewards.

* Disclaimer: If your cooperative is set to open, there is a chance of new members joining at a later point in the event. These new members might start orders without being able to fulfill them. This could potentially result in unfulfilled orders and ultimately in your cooperative not being eligible for all reward stages. Please take this into account when opening your alliance for new members to join freely!
** Hint: The more member slots you have unlocked for your cooperative, the more members should take part in the event to maximize the happiness of your cooperative decoration!
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