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Fishing Hard Worker Event
This is all I have for you right now...
FHW post / spreadsheet created by 露草 (JP1), thank you so very much.

Speed Max Fish
10 3,456
9 3,118
8 2,764
7 2,419
6 2,073
5 1,728
4 1,382
3 1,038
2 691
1 345
◄ I found this chart on the forum.

Thank you Scifi (GB1)

Speed x 3.6 x Hrs x Days = Fish.

In other words
just keep above Speed 4 to get the Gold.


You can only take the following fish to level 10.

All others will drop time on your clock drastically.
Oyster Clam Shrimp
Herring Tuna

Thank you shazamd (US1)


QUOTE LilFarm: I won all boats other than motorboats & runabouts via Fishing Hard Worker rewards, so the only dollars invested are those I spend to upgrade. (That's that way to build out your fleet if you want my opinion). opinion). opinion). opinion). opinion). You should also know, that if you win a boat you can't build yet due to dockyard level, you can still place it in your fleet. That's where those rewards are super powerful at lower levels. I'm able to use trawlers even though I don't have a lvl 8 dockyard and I'm not lvl 120.
The FHW is more about planning and saving up fish for the next buckets, than it is about getting the current one to 8/sec or 9/sec as soon as possible. Compared to HW the fish run forever. For instance on this HW, I was able to get 1.2 million based on lobster alone. (I did use 100g to skip oysters at the start because I had no pools, but 4000 g reward is worth 100 g investment).
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