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Duration:: 27 days

Contracts Crops Food stands Getting started  
Player ranking rewards Coop ranking rewards
Hard Work rewards: 3 - 29 30 - 64 65 - 99 100 - 149 150 - 999
You are tasked with producing various recipes in the smaller tents using your farm products. The newly produced items can then be used to fill contracts and serve customers in exchange for points in the event (Lesterís stash cannot be used to fill these contracts)
Contracts will feature a time limit - unlike other markets the time will begin to count down as soon as the contract appears.
The more visitors you have to your village festival hall, the more points you will be able to gain per contract! The number of visitors will increase with each completed contract but reduce when a contract is not completed.

Also new in this run are the new event seeds and a fitting recipe for each. This also means the exclusion of Candy Farm products. Each Oktoberfest production building has now only one recipe which requires different products from the main farms and Oleg the fisherman, including the new event seed products.
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Sleeping workers:

Sleeping workers can appear on any of your 3 main farms, but a exclamation bubble over the festival tent will alert you that one of your workers is slacking off.

You will find the sleeping workers outside your farm fences.

When you wake a sleeping worker, Tessa will give you the choice of three barrels, each containing a different reward, so keep those chefs motivated.
Check on the Sleeping workers building every 4 hours to have Tessa take you to the sleeper.
Once you find the sleeping worker just click on them to wake them up, then choose a reward.
The rewards will be a random amounts of one of the items that can be made in the smaller tents.
NOTE: Tessa appears to be getting confused about when she should display her !!! bubble. to alert you that you have a sleeping worker out there. The bubble should appear, approx every 4 hours, but it looks like when you arrive from another farm it disappears & if you pass your cursor over her wagon, it appears again (until you switch farms again or find the sleeping worker) So if it feels like more than 4 hours has passed, just put your cursor over her, when you are checking your productions, just in case she is hiding the bubble. Thank you WascallyWabbit
Announcement on 07-11-18

As you already know, the King Ludwig Coins will be reset with the start of each Oktoberfest but we want to give you the chance to use your King Ludwig Coins.

We will add an offer where you can buy items from previous Oktoberfest events in the last 3 days or so of the event, in case you didnít manage to pick them up previously.
Simple pretzel cart   40 4x4   200,000
Nice pretzel cart   48 4x4   300,000
Tea cup ride   175 Village happiness 40 6x5   400,000
Beautiful pretzel cart   52 4x4   400,000
High striker   22 Village happiness 100 3x2   600,000
Hook-a-duck   56 Village happiness 15 5x4   1,000,000

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