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Pleasure Park
Duration:: 4 days

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Welcome Park Stalls Preparing Stalls Activate Gratuity Bonuses Extending Stall Lifetime Stall Charts Rewards
In the Pleasure Park event your main goal is to attract visitors to spend pennies in your decoration valley.

To get visitors into your valley, firstly you should place decorations and available stalls and keep maintaining them. As you earn pennies, Hard Work rewards will be unlocked and added to your account as you reach the required amount of pennies. At the end of the event, rank rewards will be given to the first 500 players according to your position and rank tier.

To get the Pleasure Park going you will firstly need to prepare your stall by donating the required products, which can be obtained from your other farms (Donated goods will be compensated with farm dollars). Each Stall has its own income in pennies that can be earned per visitor per second and the income amount can be increased with gratuities (bonuses), which you get after fulfilling the required tasks.

NOTE: I only placed stalls once so if you find any mistakes on this page or perhaps I missed something important, please let me know.
Welcome images represent day 1 of the event
As you build up your Stalls and fulfill the gratuities (bonuses) your happiness and visitors will increase.
Park pennies per visitor
The amount of pennies you are earning per visitor per second.
Park pennies
Your total amount of pennies.
This bar shows total amount of happiness you

have on your Decoration valley.
This bar shows total amount of visitors you may

have on your Decoration valley at one time.
Park Stalls
Park Stalls images represent day 1 of the event
There are 5 different stalls you may place on your valley. They all may have up to 6 hours of lifetime.
TIP: You may place as many of each stall as you have room for on your Decoration valley.
Active / Total Gratuities (bonuses)
Shows you how many gratuities you have filled and how many are active.
Shows total amount of visitors you have on your Decoration valley.
The deco chart will list all decos on your Decoration valley, shown below. This will help keep track while working on Gratuities. As you add/remove decos the chart will change and Visitors will be recalculated.
For this example I'll be using Conny Cow's Cafe, shown on the right.
Requirements: This shows you what product is required to place this stall. You may donate all of 1 product or you may split it up to get your 6 hours of lifetime. Donated product will be compensated 100% with farm dollars.
TIP: Each Conny Cow's Cafe will require different produce donated to to place.
Income: This tells you the amount of pennies you will get per visitor per second.
The deco chart above shows that I have 1,290 visitors and this stall will give me 5 pennies per visitor per second, so I will get 6,450 pennies per second when I place this stall.  1,290 x 5 = 6,450
Gratuities: This shows you 3 different gratuities that you can fulfill to get bonus visitors.
You can mouse over these gratuities to see a detailed list of information.
As you can see I have fulfilled 2 gratuities already and that will give me a total of 15 pennies per visitor per second (5 + 4 + 6 = 15), so I will get 19,350 pennies per second when I place this stall.  1,290 x 15 = 19,350
see ninjahuman's Pleasure Park Guide for more info
Prepare stall: When you are ready to place your stall, left-click this button.
Pressing this button will place the stall in a Preparation slot, where you may donate the required product.
Preparing Stalls
Preparation slot: The image on the right shows my Conny Cow's Cafe in the Preparation slot, ready for me to donate the required products.
Donate farm products
Clicking this button opens the Prepare stall window, shown below.

▼ You can click on the Max amount button or you can use the scroll bars.
Donate from just 1 product or split up your donation between all 3 products.
You'll want to donate enough to get the full 4 hours of lifetime on your stall.
Pennies per visitor per second
This tells me I'll have 14 visitors.
Minimum lifetime to unlock stall
Tells me I need at least 10 minutes.
Current lifetime of stall
This will always read 00:00:00 until the stall gets placed on the valley.
This tells me my stall will have a 6 hour lifetime once placed.
Donate and earn dollars
Click to donate your products.
Place stall in your park
Click to place your stall.
Put stall back on the stack
The stall gets reset to 0 lifetime.
TIP: If a pop-up cancels your placement just click on the Expand preparation slot.
Activate Gratuity Bonuses
Once your stall has been placed you can click on it to activate any missed gratuity bonuses.
Gratuity bonuses
This tells me that I can activate this bonus if I pay 275 gold for each hour of lifetime my stall has left. My stall has almost 6 hours so it will cost me 1,100 gold.
Extending Stall Lifetime
Once your stall has been placed you can click on it to extend the stalls lifetime.
Extra lifetime
Thetimer tells me that my stall has almost 4 hours left, so for 400 gold I can extend the lifetime of this stall to make it through the night.
NOTE: If you paid for missing gratuities they will run out before any of your extended lifetime comes into effect. You only activate missed gratuity bonuses on your stalls original lifetime.

You can keep watch of the shortest building time from the Pleasure Park icon or...
mouse over your Pleasure Park building to see the remaining lifetime on all stalls.

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