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Pleasure Park
Duration:: 4 days

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These charts were created by BlueZilver (GB1) and posted on the game forum here.
I was asked to find a home here for them so they would be easy to find so I have copied her post for you.
With player-Lv 150-249 you need 304 billions park pennies to get Country Manor and you have 4 days so you need to earn:

304/4 = 76 billion park pennies per day

If its possible to log-on to the game 3-4 times per day then you have to earn around:

19-25 billion park pennies per 4 hours

That is possible with:

Happiness:   6409  (minus 50-100 depending on stall-benefit)
Visitors:        1973  (gets a bit higher when you get stall-benefit +50 happiness)
3x3 stalls:     63
This is a list over the requirements for 3x3 Stalls i have seen so far ... some of the requirements appears in larger stalls and there are requirements for larger stalls i havent seen on 3x3-stalls:

No - number of deco's with certain lv.
Happ - sum of happiness of deco's with certain lv.
ex: size 3x3 need 7 .... size 4x3 need happiness 36.

To activate a stall you need to use products from MF, GF and/or FF ( edit: havent seen any use wax). 

If you need 100 products to get 10 min then you need:

  800 for 1 hour     (8 times as much as 10 min)
1600 for 2 hour     (2 times as much as 1 hour)
3200 for 3 hour     (2 times as much as 2 hour)
6400 for 4 hour     (2 times as much as 3 hour)
Using products from FF is very expensive so only use them to 'skip' a stall (making 10 min stall). The price depends on your productions cost on each farm the same goes for tree-fruits unless you have a lot of seaweed-fertilizer.

The only way to get enough products is to buy it ... so you need to find out what kind of products is cheap for you or easy to make depending on your farm-layout.

Im buying: Pigs, Donkeys, crops from MF and GF. I dont use seaweed. And i only use 4 hour stalls.

I 'skip' following type of stalls:
  • if they only have products from FF, tree-fruits and/or products from bakery
  • if they dont have at least 2 requirements with parks pennies as benefit
First time around i used a lot of space placing lv 9 deco's ... but i found out thats not a good way to get a lot of park-pennies.

First fullfill as many requirements as possible - and its a good idea to start using Candy Farm so you can buy Gumball Machines:

Then look at your list over the deco's you have:

here you can see for a given deco-lv ... how many you have and the total happiness.

Now you can start replacing some of the deco's with better ones  ... ex.  i have 1505 happiness for lv 8 deco's but i only need max 880 to fullfill stall-requirements  ... or replace them with other deco's so you can fullfill more requirements.

To increase happiness of Deco-valley ... upgrade the deco's you expect to keep ... its expensive so shift between the decorations ... remember to keep an eye on 'when the deco's shift level' ... to avoid to start over because you got one lv to many.
Last updated : Sunday, September 27, 2020
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