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Santa's Workshop
Duration: 6 days

Santa has a plethora of decorations in stock, and he's offering you the ultimate chance to win some of them!

Donate Dollars and/or goods of your choice in order to attain festive stars. Festive stars influence the selection and quality of decorations you can win by spinning the wheel. The festive stars you have are reset after each spin, so you can again influence whichever decorations and quality levels you would like to use your spins for.

Prizes include a wide range of decorations! Spin the wheel to earn decorations previously available through different events and features, which are no longer obtainable through any other means. You’ll also be able to get all sorts of decorations with Village Happiness points!

step 1 step 2 step 3 step 4 step 5 step 6 step 7  
A - A drop-down list of items for you to donate.
B - Slide the bar to the right to adjust the amount.
C - Press this button to donate your items.
D - You can mouse over the star at any time to see how many more festive stars till next level.
view the Exchange rate list
The more you donate the more candles you get and the higher quality level decos will be listed on the wheel.
You must fill the entire vine before you may advance to the next quality level decorations.
lvl 8 quality decorations 87,997 festive stars
lvl 7 quality decorations 39,480 festive stars
lvl 6 quality decorations 13,209 festive stars
lvl 5 quality decorations 6,633 festive stars
lvl 4 quality decorations 4,036 festive stars
lvl 3 quality decorations 1,769 festive stars
lvl 2 quality decorations 0 festive stars
A range of 7 decorations is always displayed on the wheel at one time.
This star and vine shows the color of what quality level you are working on and how many festive stars you have already in that level. The top star will show how many more you will need.
As you can see, I have enough festive stars to spin for a level 8 quality decoration, the most you can get. I can still donate more to change the 1-7 decorations on the wheel.
TAKE NOTE: While donating, make sure you're donating event flowers and not your event seeds.
As soon as you create a setup of 1-7 decorations to your liking, you can spin the wheel.

The center decoration is the one you will recieve.
If you are not satisfied with your prize, you may choose to remove said prize (lowering the amount of possible prizes to 6) and spin again, using gold.
This action can be repeated until there is only your favorite decoration left. Keep in mind, however, that each repetition will increase the amount of gold required for another spin.

At this point all you have to do is accept your new decoration that you've won.
Notice how this widow tells you Santa needs to rest 24 hours before you can use the wheel again.
If you decide to wait the entire 24 hours you may spin the wheel for free.
Once you accept your decoration you'll notice a countdown timer...
lvl 8 quality decorations cooldown: 2 hours
lvl 7 quality decorations cooldown: 4 hours
lvl 6 quality decorations cooldown: 8 hours
lvl 5 quality decorations cooldown: 12 hours
lvl 4 quality decorations cooldown: 16 hours
lvl 3 quality decorations cooldown: 20 hours
lvl 2 quality decorations cooldown: 24 hours
During the cooldown time you may pay the price to wake Santa and spin the wheel again with the amount of festive stars that you had or donate more to charge it up.
The longer you wait, the less you pay!
You may also choose a different quality decoration by clicking on it's quality level.
NOTE: Whenever you want to check on how much time is left until you may spin again for free just click on quality level 2.

When the timer runs out you will no longer be able to wake up Santa and spin on that quality level.
For those of you that are planning to spend Gold and score even more decorations keep reading.
How to jip Santa out of thousands of Gold.
Click on quality level 2 and pay to wake Santa up.
The longer you wait the less you pay.
Start donating until you reach the desired level.
As soon as you create a setup of 1-7 decorations to your liking, you can spin the wheel.

NOTE: You may do this at any time after you've spun the wheel and accepted your prize.
Notice the difference in price to wake Santa, granted you have the recourses to donate:)
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