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Shinkei-Suijaki School
Duration:: 2 days

Courses completed rewards Ranking rewards  

The Shinkei-Suijaki School event will appear on your farm during the CC and will last 2 days.

The basic idea is to get as many matching pair of cards as possible in each lesson to get rewarded. Each matching pair will grant you a reward plus ranking points.

You need to be at least level 5 and have a minimum of 10 Fuku Tsuho tokens in order to play the game. You will always get 10 free Fuku Tsuho tokens when the event first starts each time. Extra Fuku Tsuho tokens can be purchased with gold or will drop from fields during the event. You will also be able to win them as rewards in future events so you can save them up just like WOF.
Getting started:
The Master will introduce you to the game and show you the possible rewards that you can get, for the minimum 10 tokens - Or you can move the slider (from 1-7) to choose better rewards and more ranking points.

The Master tells you that you need 10 tokens to play, but you will need more than that to play both lessons.
Once you get the 8th matching pair of cards in the 2nd lesson, you’ll also get the final game reward (Courses played rewards).
If you don’t finish the 2 lessons, you still get the items you won and if you fail really badly you only get the consolation reward.

Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 cards: ►

The game has 2 lessons, the second one has better rewards and there will be 12 pairs of matching cards per lesson.

You need to find 7 pairs on lesson 1 before you can move onto lesson 2 and you would have to be incredibly lucky to get all 7 pair the first time. If you do not get all 7 pair The Master will offer you an extra chance to find the remaining pairs for that lesson. It will cost you 4 tokens for each extra chance you play, 8 for lesson 2 extra chance. Once you have your 7 pair you will move onto lesson 2 where you need 8 pair.

Here is a Card box for you to print out and fill in to help you remember what's under the cards.  Shinkei-Suijaki Card box

This Card box will work for Lesson 1 and 2 and even the Lesson extra chance cards.

Lesson extra chance cards: ►

The total number of cards you get depends on how many pairs you need to complete the lesson.

If you match less than 7 pairs (or less than 8 for the lesson 2) you can buy an Extra Chance with Fuku Tshuho tokens (For example: If you have 1 match, you will need to get 6 pairs in the extra chance, which you can keep repeating).

Each matching pair from the extra chance will grant you ranking points, but no reward.

In the final screen, you will see all the rewards that you won, the ones you missed and your total ranking points. You will also be offered the chance to buy the rewards that you missed - Each reward has a range of possible quantities that you "could" win, when you match that pair of cards, but when you buy the missed rewards, you will always get the maximum quantity in the range and you can also double the ranking points that you won in your 2 lessons.

Also in this screen you’ll be able to close the event or start a new game - If you have enough tokens your new game will start immediately, if not, you will be directed to the token shop.

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