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Trick or Treat!
gifts & pranks for karma & gold

Here you can buy gifts or pranks and use them on other players' farms. If you want to do good, buy gifts and boost production on other farms. If you would prefer to be a little mean, then buy pranks and slow down production on other farms.

For every gift or prank that you use on another player's farm, they get karma points. They can use these to buy lucky charms or hoodoos for other players in the naughty or nice shop.
The player will receive their karma points as soon as the effects of the gift or prank have worn off - that means they first have to harvest and collect produce or repair a building to receive their karma points.

For now this is the only way to send gifts (or pranks) to another player and you can only buy the gifts/pranks when the event is running. Once you've bought them, you can use them even if the event is not running.

You can also buy the gifts and pranks from a Exclusive Prime Time sale that arrives before a Cooperative Championship.

How to use gifts and pranks:

Check and see if you have any karma to spend at the Naughty or Nice tent. Once you have your gifts or pranks travel to a friends farm. While you are there click on any field, stable, orchard or production building and a pop-up will open with your gifts and pranks, just pick one.

Last updated : Wednesday, August 19, 2020
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