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Urgent delivery
Duration:: 3 days

During this event, you have to balance two cargo chests by placing farm goods into them with donations.

Although you don't know the exact weight of the first chest, you get 5 attempts at filling the 2nd chest.

The object is to donate goods until the meter reaches the center for a "Perfect balance". NOTE: Always start with the minimum amount then go from there.
Don't worry if you overload your chest, you can also add goods to the original chest to even things out. You will get paid top dollar for your donated goods.
You only get 5 attempts to get the balance right, but don't panic - you can still load them onto the plane even if they aren't quite equal.
Each donation increases your Cargo score, while you can improve your Scale multiplier by finding the "Perfect balance" in the center.
You can pay gold to double your Cargo score.
Once you have used your 5 turns or you have reached the Perfect balance press the Load cargo button.
rewards: Hard worker Personal ranking Co-op ranking

You can plant carrots
on your MF fields.


You will only be asked to donate goods produced on your Main farm.
The minimum amount of goods to be donated depends on your current, maximum storage capacity.
As you can see above, my minimum is 2,030. I am level 412 with a storage capacity of 10,150.
The next required goods are displayed in the product preview (bottom left). these slide into the boxes from left to right. (Next in line is far right)
Carrots give you extra freight points and you can only plant carrots during the event.
your Barn
This is handy to have on the event so you may check your storage and also buy a few goods if needed.
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