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Village Fair
Booster shop

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Your account
These boosters will cost gold from your own personal account and everyone in the co-op will benefit from them.
Cooperative account
These boosters will cost gold from the cooperative's account and everyone in the co-op will benefit from them.
example: When you buy a personal 1 minute booster and a co-op 1 minute booster they stack giving everyone 2 minutes.
How the boosters work:
You are not necessarily buying the booster, you are buying time for the booster to run.
You may purchase 1 whole minute of run time for 100 gold, oh boy.
The booster's strength is automatically increased by earning upgrades as challenge support rewards.
Even though you do not have the particular booster active, this strength will still be added to the next challenge's booster.
The booster starts automatically when your cooperative starts a challenge if booster time is available, and stops automatically once a challenge has finished. Important: You can start or restart each inactive booster manually once per challenge by buying booster time.
soil goods

These boosters increase
the amount of challenge
points you receive not
the amount of goods.

stable goods
animal coops
orchard goods
    processing goods
other production buildings
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