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Village Fair
Player rankings

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Ranking list
Your spot in the rankings, marked A in the image above.
This bar highlights your rank in the list
Cooperative member's name
Earned booster strength and bonus time
Thank you BlueZilver (GB1) for clarification
% - This shows what you've contributed so far towards the Challenge Support Items.
As you can see above, I've contributed .01% so far towards the boosters' %.
time - This shows what you've contributed so far towards the Boosters' Time.
As you can see above, I've worked the challenges after the first 25%
is earned for 7hrs 40min 30sec so far.
Total Challenge points
Notice the number of Challenge points I have, circled in RED.
Now you can tell how close you are to the next hard work reward.
Cooperative search, marked B in the image above.
You may search for other co-ops rankings here
Personal performance rewards, marked C in the image above
Personal hard work rewards, marked D in the image above
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