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Do to the fact that there are so many cooperatives on the US1 server, the programmers split them up on pages with-in pages.

To cycle threw the co-ops on the page you have selected you will have to use the arrows, marked A in the image above.

If you aren't happy with the selections listed simply click on the Page button, marked B in the image above. This will open the Page selection pop-up shown on the right marked B.

You will also be able to filter your list of selections when you click on the Filter button, marked C in the image above. This will open the Filter pop-up shown on the right marked C.

Using top challenge on the list for an example:

Just because this challenge is named Brat Pack that doesn't mean you'll be competing
against them necessarily, just their strength in goods as a cooperative.

Performance score.
The higher the Performance score, the harder the challenge is going to be.

Challenge run time.
Shorter times means less goods required, longer times means more goods required.

Challenges range from 30 minutes to 12 hours giving you the opportunity to pick and choose.
Number of possible farms used.
This means there may be a chance all 3 main farms are used to collect goods from, but there may just be 2 main farms used.
Types of goods you'll have to produce.
Shows the different goods you'll need to collect.
Challenge support items
Shows Total Support items that may be won.
NOTE: You may view this page at any time to study these list for the next challenge :)
If there is not a deputy on line to start a challenge, wait 15 minutes, then anyone can start the next challenge.
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