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Village Fair
Duration:: 4 days

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Play challenges with your cooperative and produce the four requested goods to earn challenge points.

Each challenge is generated based on the strengths and weaknesses of one cooperative and can be played multiple times, bonus scores and the challenge support rewards however are only available during the first time you run a particular challenge.

You will have to work for your own rewards in this event, unlike the CC where all members in the cooperative received the same rewards.

Speed fertilizer and Speed liquid fertilizer were introduced into the game with this event and will automatically show up on your ring menu when you fertilize your orchards.

There will be a new WOF coming to the Parking lot soon...

◄  Keep an eye out for  VF WoF

◄  The Village fair will soon be arriving to the Cooperative village.
PS Thank you CM Hunter for staying late to make us this Village Fair - Tutorial

UPDATE 10/23/2018 : The cooperative rankings have changed. Now all co-ops will be grouped together instead of grouped according to production abilities.
Last updated : Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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