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Wheel of Fortune
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Monty is here! He is offering a spin on the wheel of fortune, which may provide you with awesome prizes.

To get into the jackpot round, you need to have spun the wheel 8 times. You can see the star moving forward in the ring around the wheel when you spin it. Once the star has moved 8 parts forward it will fill up the entire ring and you will be given one free spin in the jackpot round. The best thing to do, therefore, is save your tokens until you have at least 8!

If you end up in the top 1 - 500 ranked when Monty leaves you will receive one of the High rank rewards.

NOTE: You will need a lot more than 8 tokens to get anywhere near the top 500. Imagine how many you need to get into the top 5. Be sure to save for a long time or use gold to buy the tokens if you cannot wait. Do note that buying tokens from Monty him self is the most expansive way to buy them for gold. Better to buy them from Omar or a Prime deal.

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Last updated : Monday, August 19, 2019
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