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About basic features:
You can unlock the feature at level 10.
Over time, you can unlock new badges by completing certain achievements. There is a wide variety of booster effects offered to you.
There are two slots for the booster badges available at the beginning and you can unlock up to three slots for a total of five by completing respective achievements.
You can customize your board using a variety of booster badges, backgrounds.
Once you obtain a badge, you can apply it to one of the unlocked slots and activate it by either paying dollars or gold.
The backgrounds are only for aesthetic purposes and all selections are available right from the start.
You can visit the booster board of other players via the Player information dialog.
About the Booster badges:
The booster badges can be obtained by completing achievements. Each badge offers a different booster effect and has a quality level. The level can be improved by completing respective achievements.
Before activating the booster effect, the badge has to be slotted. You can activate the badge for gold or dollars. The activation with gold has a higher booster effect than with dollars. Once a badge has been activated, you can receive a booster effect for a certain period of time.
If you activate the same badge at the same level with gold for a certain number of times, you can have a permanent discount on the subsequent activations with gold.
If you want certain badges but didnít earn the achievement yet, you can unlock up to five badges with gold right away. Be aware that you have to own the previous level of a badge in order to be able to purchase the next level. (e.g Level 3 already needs to be unlocked to purchase Level 4.)
When a badge is activated on the board, the info about the booster effect and duration appears in the booster dialog.
The Booster board and regular boosters benefit from each other by stacking up their effectiveness.
About the Borders:
The player can upgrade the border for their Booster board by spending gold on activating or buying badges.
The border increases all booster effects of all badges that are currently active on the board.
The higher a level of a border, the greater the effect.
The border is automatically assigned to the booster board once the first level is activated. Once a new level is unlocked, an effect from the new level applies immediately to active booster badges
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