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Donkey dwelling
Advantage: store donkey stables

Place this building on your Gourmet farm to store some or all of your Donkey stables.
You must harvest and feed each Donkey stable individually in the Donkey dwelling.
Visitors to your farm cannot see inside & cannot sparkle the entire building at once.
Turbo harvester, swift seeder and Repeat harvester do work on the Donkey dwelling.

Only 2 Donkey dwellings on the GF.
Any Donkey stable, Any size, Any 1 slot!

Diamonds come from the Farmers League event.

Donkey dwelling

Found under Community buildings. BUY IT
Total cowshed slots Level you must be to build or upgrade. Upgrade
Level 1 5,000XP reward

2:00:00build time
2 1 15,000
Level 2 6,000XP reward

4:00:00build time
3   25,000
Level 3 7,000XP reward

6:00:00build time
4   35,000
Level 4 8,000XP reward

9:00:00build time
5   45,000
Level 5 9,000XP reward

12:00:00build time
6   55,000
Mouse over icons
for information.
  Total housing slots Total 175,000
Placing stables in the Donkey dwelling:
Pick up any donkey stable with it's Move button on it's Ring menu.

Move the stable over the Donkey dwelling until you see the light blue block under the stable, like this. ►

The doorway icon opens the Donkey dwelling for you to manage your stored stables.
Taking stables in the Donkey dwelling:
Take stables out with the Take out of storage button. You may also move stables out even while the Donkey dwelling is upgrading.
Upgrading stables in the Donkey dwelling:
Upgrade stables with the Upgrade button.
Manage Appearances in the Donkey dwelling:
Manage appearances with the Upgrade then the Appearance button.
Demolish stables in the Donkey dwelling:
Demolish stables with the Demolish button.
Manage Booster tokens in the Donkey dwelling:
Assign tokens with the Booster button.
Manage stables in the Donkey dwelling:
Harvest stables with the Harvest button then select the feed of your choice.
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