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Duck community
Advantage: store duck coops, limit 2 Duck communities

Place this building on your Gourmet farm to store some or all of your duck coops. (You must be lvl 125 and you may only have 2 on GF)
At level 5 the community will hold 6 duck coops. (All duck coops take 1 slot, even the giant ones)
You can only upgrade the community with Diamonds, which can be won during the Farmers League event
You can store duck coops by moving them to the community and place them back on your farm as often as you want.
If your duck coop has an appearance, this will be put back into your inventory during storage.
You may upgrade your duck coops while in the community.
Diamonds come from the Farmers League event.

Duck community

Found under Community buildings. BUY IT
Total cowshed slots Level you must be to build or upgrade. Upgrade Cost
Level 1 5,000XP reward

28:00build time
2 125 60,000
Level 2 6,000XP reward

1:13:30build time
3   80,000
Level 3 7,000XP reward

2:09:30build time
4   100,000
Level 4 8,000XP reward

3:09:00build time
5   120,000
Level 5 9,000XP reward

4:15:30build time
6   140,000
Mouse over icons
for information.
    Total housing slots Total 500,000
Once you have put your cows in the building, you need to click to open the building to do any actions on the cows, this is how it looks:
You feed & harvest each one individually & while you are in there, you cannot do anything outside, for example see & refresh a mission.
Visitors to your farm cannot see inside & cannot sparkle the entire building at once. :(
The Turbo harvester,  Repeat harvester and the swift seeder do work, so to me that does make it sound possible to do without entering the Duck community. This would help with missions, though the lack of sparkles would still be an issue in some cases.
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