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A great deal of happiness without taking room on your farm.
You must upgrade the fence first for each level then the gate. example: Level 4 gate needs a level 4 fence.
You must have the prior level gate each time before you can upgrade fence. example: Level 5 fence needs a level 4 gate.
NOTE: Totals shown are all base totals, meaning before any xp boosters or cabin level.
Fence   Happiness Level you must be to build or upgrade.


Level 1

-XP reward

-build time
55 20 free
Level 2

100XP reward

4:80build time
70 33 4,500
Level 3

2,000XP reward

4:98:00build time
85 46 420,000
Level 4

3,500XP reward

9:60:00build time
100 60 1,200,000
Level 5

5,000XP reward

13:02:00build time
115 60 2,400,000
Level 6

6,000XP reward

17:60:00build time
130 60 4,000,000
Level 7

7,500XP reward

23:76:00build time
145 128 7,800,000
    Happiness Total


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