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MF Water Tower
Type: normal

The Water tower reduces the amount of feed and fertilizer required by your stables and orchards.
For those of you that have the Gold to spend, I highly recommend building a water tower on all 3 farms.
NOTE: Totals shown are all base totals, meaning before any xp boosters or farmhouse level.
In build menu.

Water Tower

Found under Special buildings. BUY IT
reduced Feed and Fertilizer Level you must be to build or upgrade. Upgrade
Works on
Level 1

100XP reward

18:00build time
10% 15 1,300

Main farm

Chicken coop
Apple orchard
Level 2

600XP reward

72:00build time
20% 19 7,400 Cherry orchard

Gourmet farm

Goat Stable
Duck Coop
Donkey Stable
Level 3

2,500XP reward

2:16:00build time
30% 23 13,000 Almond orchard
Peach orchard

Flower farm

Olive grove
Citrus orchard
Level 4

6,000XP reward

3:24:00build time
40% 27 19,500 Apiary
Level 5

11,000XP reward

4:86:00build time
50% 31 33,500  
Mouse over icons
for information.
  reduced Feed and Fertilizer Total 74,700  
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