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Apartment block
Advantage: store houses

Place this building on your farm to store some or all of your workers' Homes.
At level 13 the Apartment will hold 12 houses plus give you 40 more workers to boot!

Only 1 Apartment block on each farm.
Any Houses, Any size, Any 1 slot!

Diamonds come from the Farmers League event.

Apartment block

Found under Community buildings. BUY IT
+40free Workers Happiness Total housing slots Level you must be to build or upgrade. Upgrade Cost
Level 1
5,000XP reward

28:00build time
+5 -20 4 125 6,900
Level 2 6,000XP reward

1:13:30build time
- - 5   7,900
Level 3 7,000XP reward

2:09:30build time
+5 -35 -   9,000
Level 4 8,000XP reward

3:09:00build time
- - 6   10,500
Level 5 9,000XP reward

4:15:30build time
+10 -91 -   12,000
Level 6 10,000XP reward

5:29:00build time
- - 7   14,000
Level 7 11,000XP reward

6:42:30build time
+10 -145 -   16,200
Level 8 12,000XP reward

8:03:00build time
- - 8   18,900
Level 9 13,000XP reward

9:27:00build time
+10 -200 -   22,000
Level 10 14,000XP reward

10:54:30build time
- - 9   25,700
Level 11 15,000XP reward

12:22:00build time
- - 10   30,100
Level 12 16,000XP reward

13:56:30build time
- - 11   35,000
Level 13 17,000XP reward

15:31:00build time
- - 12   41,500
Mouse over icons
for information.
    +40free Workers Happiness Total housing slots Total 249,700
Placing houses in the Apartment block:
Pick up any house with it's Move button on Ring menu

Move the house over the apartment until you see the light blue block under the house, like this. ►

The doorway icon opens the Apartment block for you to manage your stored houses.
Taking houses out of the Apartment block:
Take houses out with the Take out of storage button. You may also move houses out even while the Apartment is upgrading.
Upgrading houses in the Apartment block:
Upgrade houses with the Upgrade button.
Manage house Appearances in the Apartment:
Manage appearances with the Upgrade then the Appearance button.
Demolish houses in the Apartment block:
Demolish houses with the Demolish button.
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