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Farm laboratory
Type: normal

Ordinary catalystOrdinary catalyst
Levels 1 - 15
Rare catalystRare catalyst
Levels 16 - 29
Valuable catalystPrecious catalyst
Levels 30 - 60
Unique catalystUnique catalyst
Levels 61 - 90
Legendary catalystLegendary catalyst
Levels 91 - 100
In build menu.

Farm laboratory

Catalysts are required for all the recipes now with the 2021 update.

note: I'll not be listing any amounts until I am sure there will not be any changes made by the company.

The farm laboratory can be expanded up to level 30 with farm dollars and from level 30 for diamonds.
Like always, expansion can be started with gold.
Catalysts are required for all recipes.
The catalysts can be obtained through quests or events. Occasionally they are also available as time-limited offers.
The recipe overview is divided into tabs according to the respective catalyst type. The catalysts can be obtained through quests or events. Occasionally they are also available as time-limited offers.
When you expand your laboratory, you unlock new recipes, but no ingredients or production times are reduced.
The expansion time is slowly increased over the individual expansion stages up to 3 minutes per stage.
As a guide: Level 1 has an expansion time of 1:00:00, for level 30 it is 1:15:00, for level 60 2:02:00 and for level 100 3:51:00. The expansion time is reduced by the expansion stage of your Farmhouse and Cabins.
With the laboratory, you are able to produce superior articles from other articles, depending on the recipes that you have unlocked through the expansion stage. Please note that the graphic of the laboratory does not change visually during the expansion.
Important things to keep in mind: If you are building a new laboratory on a different farm, you can create different recipes in each laboratory. The production costs remain the same, regardless of the farm and expansion level of the respective laboratory.
many thanks to the BigFarm Wiki site for this info
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