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Contracts Leveling your Market     This page is a work in progress, meaning I will be updating it as I go.
Dairy marketDairy market
fulfill contracts with produce made in the
Dairy to receive Booster tokens
The Dairy contracts level according to Slots, not the number of produce asked for. You will start with all 6 Slots open.
Filling contracts:
  • You can only see the totals of wanted produce for each contract when clicked on to open it in the view window.
  • #1 You must click on the "Start contract" button to see wanted produce.
  • #2 This shows you how many hours you will have to fill the contract.
    As your Slot levels, the Remaining time will be increased.
  • #3 This shows you how many more contracts need to be filled to raise this Slot's level when you mouse over.
  • #4 Once you click on the "Start contract" button (#1 shown above) the requested produce is revealed.
  • #5 When you are ready to add your produce to the contract, click on the Add products button.
  • #6 Move the slide bar up to add products. Notice how it shows how much you've added already.
    Notice that Lester's stash dose not work with the Dairy market contracts.

    Moving the slide bar to see how many you'll need will not start the contract.
  • #7 This shows you how many produce you have remaining in your barn.
  • #8 Click on the "Add products" button once you have added all your products that you wanted.
  • #9 As you can see by the green checkmark the Farmer's market contract is ready to be shipped.
  • #10 The "Complete contract" button only lights up when you have a contract ready to ship via the truck.
    Once the truck drives off you will get your Booster tokens.
  • #11 When you ship or decline a contract you'll get a 30 minute timer that can be skipped with gold.
NOTE: I always make sure there is enough of each produce in my Barn before I click on that "Start contract" button (#1 shown above).
example: Shown above, they ask for 245 Flan, but at first I wouldn't know what they wanted. I'll make sure I have at least 245 of everything, or close enough to where I can make enough within the "Remaining time" button (#2 shown above) before I start the contract. Better safe than sorry I always say.
As shown above, you start the Dairy market with all 6 slots unlocked.
You must upgrade each Slot individually. Say you start on Slot 1, then keep solving contracts as they appear in Slot 1.
As shown above, you must fill 8 more contracts to reach Level 2 Contract level.
This means you must solve 8 contracts for each Slot to gain a Contract level.
You do not go backwards when you Decline a contract until you reach Contract level 1.
I got Slot 1 up to where I needed 5 more solved to make it to Contract level 1. The next contract I solved still said 5 more even though I declined one before that.
Once I got my Slot 1 to Contract level 1 I did go backwards when I declined contracts.
I started needing 8 solved and then 7, but when I declined the next contract it went back to needing 8. I declined another contract to see if I'd stay in Contract level 1 and I went down to needing 9 solved but it stayed on Contract level 1.
SUGGESTION: I would suggest you always have a stockpile of 400 each produce. I have not seen anything ask for more then that yet, however I only have 1 dairy. Then I would pick one slot to work on. Say the very first one on the top left. And just fill that one ever 30min or when ever you are on. That is how one of mine is level 21 and rest are about level 1 took me a little bit to realize it went based on placement not type like the rest. thank you ijrosh (US1)
NOTE: I have 3 Dairies and the Company has cursed the Apple milkshakes the same way they cursed Shellfish. I get a contract asking for as much as 511k at least, if not more than, twice a day. Be sure to maintain yourself a good stock pile of Apple milkshakes just in case!
UPDATE DECEMBER 2020: The "Need solved for next level" has been reduced from 8 to 5 :)
I filled in the chart with info I found on the forum, It's incomplete.
NOTE: I will be filling in the blanks as I level my Dairy market.
Need solved
for next level
Max time
to solve
0 - 4 5 6:00:00 1 3 2
5 - 9 5 7:00:00 1 4  3
10 5 8:00:00 1 4 4
11 - 14 5 8:00:00 2 4 4
15 - 18 5 9:00:00 2 5 4
20 5 10:00:00 2 5 4
21 - 24 5 10:00:00 3 5 4
25 - 29 5 11:00:00 3 6 4
30 - 35 5 12:00:00 3 7 6
36 - 38 5 12:00:00 3 8 8
I noticed this today. Even though my contracts are level 12 and I should be getting level 2 tokens, I also get a level 1 now and then.

and level 21 contracts throw in levels 1 and 2 tokens
Last updated : Monday, February 15, 2021
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