Happy Hours & Weekend Bonus top  

Keep an eye on this Server clock
for the following times:
07:00 to 10:00 morning
12:00 to 15:00 noon
18:00 to 21:00 evening
Look on your right Sidebar for the Happy Hour icon.

During the correct time of day you will see this blue timer.

When you click on the timer it will open the window shown below.
How to guaranty you collect all your boosters...
To earn the 3 boosters each day you must log into the game and be active during the 3 time periods shown on the left. You do not have to log out then back in if you are already on the game.
The boosters are added in order they are shown so you have to have the first and second boosters in order to get the third. If you collect the first one, miss the second and then login for the third you will not get credit for the third but would be given credit for the second. As soon as you miss a booster the third one will be marked with a red mark since you can no longer collect it.
Once a booster has been added it becomes active immediately and only last for a limited time. Make use of it while you can!
In each case you will only be given credit for the booster if you are active during the time period. You do not have to stay in the game for the whole time period, but you must be active in the game or you won't get the booster!
You must collect all 3 boosters for the day to receive an extra 4% on your weekend super booster each day. If you collect the first one, miss the second and then login for the third you will get 0% on the Loyalty bonus bar for that day.

From Monday to Friday, you can activate a different daily bonus.
Every day will grant three connected boosters of the same kind, with an increasing bonus, for the duration of three hours.
Each booster is linked to a different server time, during which you can claim them simply by logging in:
07:00 to 10:00 12:00 to 15:00 18:00 to 21:00
If you log in during those time frames you will be able to reach the higher bonus - If you log in (or are already logged in) during all three different time frames you will reach the highest possible daily bonus.
You might have different bonus every week, chosen from a wide variety of bonuses.
Gathering the three daily bonuses will grant you some progress points in the Loyalty bonus bar and help you during the weekend.
If you donít manage to claim one of the three daily bonuses, you can still obtain the other two but this will not add any progress in the Loyalty bonus bar.
If you collect all the bonuses during the weekdays (15) and fill the Loyalty bonus bar completely, an additional loyalty bonus will be unlocked for the weekend.
During the weekend you can activate one out of three different bonuses that will last until Sunday at midnight. (Weekend bar)
The strength of this bonus will depend on the % collected in the Loyalty bonus bar during the week days.
Example: if you collected 15% from the activity during the weekdays, your bonus will be 15%.
Server clock reads MON, 07:00
You will automatically receive the first booster listed under MON just by logging in, or are already logged in and active in game.
This booster will last 3 hours and you will notice the active booster on screen.
NOTE: The boosters will depend on your level, meaning you won't see boosters for content you haven't unlocked yet.

Loyalty bonus bar:
You must get credit for all 3 Happy Hours to receive an extra 4% for that day.
Weekend bonus:  
More snow dollars whenever you exchange money.
NOTE: This will change as the temp farm changes.
More output from fields and fertile fields.
NOTE: This might change each week.
More output from the Greenhouse.
NOTE: This might change each week.
These flags will be lit up on day 6 and you may pick only one of them.
Bonuses will be 20 to 40% depending on your Loyalty bar score and will last 48 hrs.
Last updated : Sunday, August 26, 2018
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