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Organic Market
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Leveling your Organic Market Contracts the Vendor Visiting Neighbors Market contract sheets

I must say, it sure is a great place to make a good profit and get a few other goodies such as XP, horseshoes, karma, decoration parts, and even gold now and then.
As you can see my Organic market is 100% leveled and I am very happy with it. The market is very small at first and only has 2 contract slots. As you level your market it will change visually between the 3 different sections and more contract slots will open.  
Visually changing the 3 different sections.
NEW THEORY: The 3 sections of the Organic market represent your 3 permanent farms. If you take a closer look you can see how each section has products that are only on 1 of the 3 permanent farms.
My new theory is as you sell more products from each farm that section will change visually. I didn't realize this until I just got all 6 contract slots with no visual change to the market.
We'll have to wait and see if I get the next section of the Organic market when I fill my first contract with a Gourmet farm product.
Contract names have nothing to do with anything. It all comes down to the amount of products in the contract. If you fill a contract with 2 products then keep filling contracts with 2 products. That is all there is to it.
As my market leveled I declined contracts with 2, 3, 4 and 5 products and only filled ones with 1 product. Now with my market at 100% my contracts are value 99 (caps at 99) with a 25% (caps at 25%) bonus and they all have only 1 product to fill. Now and then I do get contracts at 0 value but I just decline those. Some say you make more profit on contracts with more then 1 product but I love having only 1 to fill. Get it filled fast and send it off on the truck to make room for the next. Having just 1 product in each contract makes it easy to decline. I don't have to sacrifice a prime order for apples because the contract also wants some wheat that I can't give. Not to mention deciding which product gets Lester's help and which one doesn't.
Getting 1 product contracts.
While leveling my market the only contracts I filled had just one product.
When I started I had only 2 contract slots at value 0 with a 0% bonus.
I checked my market all the time for new contracts with only 1 product to fill and before I knew it my market had leveled. Less than a month!
Then I had 4 contract slots at value 0 with a 0% bonus.
I checked my market all the time for new contracts with only 1 product to fill and before I knew it my market had leveled. Less than a month!
Now I have 6 contract slots at value 8 with a 8% bonus if they are a 1 product contract. All contracts with more than 1 product are still at value 0 with a 0% bonus and I will continue to decline them.
Increasing contract value and bonus.
The more you fill 1 product contracts the greater the value and bonus.
The next time I get a contract for 1 product the value and bonus will increase and will continue to increase until they reach a value 99 (caps at 99) with a 25% (caps at 25%) bonus.
Clicking on the market will open this Farm management window where your contracts are.
I cropped this image over a period of 3 days to show you all the different rewards you can get.
There are two types of contracts. Limited and regular. Limited contracts give you an hour to fill them.

Filling contracts:

  • Click on a contract to open it in the view window.
  • #1 Click on the "Add products" button.
  • #2 Move the slide bar up to add products. Notice how it shows how much you've added already.
  • #3 Make sure you activate Lester's secret stash.
  • #4 Click on the "Add products" button once you have added all your products that you wanted.
  • #5 Village fair was a Limited contract so there is a timer now because I didn't fill it right away.
  • #6 When you decline a contract or ship one off you'll get a 30 minute timer that can be skipped.
  • #7 As you can see by the green checkmark the Zoo contract is ready to shipped.
  • #8 The "Complete contract" button only lights up when you have a contract ready to ship via the truck. Once the truck drives off you will get your money and rewards plus the bonus. The bonus works on the rewards too.
Limited contract tips:
Let's use the Village fair Limited contract as an example. The contract wanted 3,551 pigs but I only had 3,486 pigs in my storage and that meant I still needed 65 pigs.
The best thing to do is wait until the pigs are ready to harvest and then start the contract. Empty my storage of pigs then harvest them and finish the contract.
This guy is a crook as you can see from the Wanted poster.

He will make you an offer several times a day to purchase some mystery merchandise from him. If you ignore him long enough he will give up and remove the offer.

New farmers that missed the market's Official Announcement think that he has money for them because of the icon over his head, so it's very misleading and cost them money.
Below you'll see he has 3 separate offers depending on your level.
NOTE: To see these offers in game mouse over the vendor.
A few different items you will get once you pay the vendor:
  • 1 Karma ball
  • 10 Water
  • 10 Premium chicken, pig or cow feed
  • 10 Premium Liquid Fertilizer
  • 10 Greenhouse Humus
  • 10 Premium Honeydew

The neighbors will visit your farm several times a day with offers to buy your products. They are most active in the morning and at night. When you first log-in in the morning you can expect to get 3 in a row. I call them my walkers and I have never seen more then 3 walkers standing at my market at one time.

The image on the right shows this walker wants me to sell her 250 Citrus fruits and she'll give me $16,665. If I sell her the citrus as soon as she gets to my market I'll get a bonus of 20% on top of that. The 20% bonus goes down 1% every second until it's 0. If you plan on selling the product they ask for watch them as they walk up so you can get that 20% soon as they stop. That is why I call them my walkers, I set and watch them walk up the road. :)

When you don't sell your products to them they will stand there for an hour then walk back down the road. I have noticed both in the morning and at night when I do get a chance to sell to the walkers another one will walk up very soon and offer to buy something else. This will go on for about an hour.

SOME ADVICE: What not to sell to a walker.
  • Never sell your animal feed.
  • Never sell your crops.
  • Check your Post-it notes so you don't sell products needed elsewhere.
  • I don't want to waste time in my shop making anything below page 3 so never sell goods on pages 1 & 2 of your shop.
  • Same goes for the distillery. I like to save that for Aloe gel so only sell gel and Olive oil to the walkers.
Last updated : Monday, August 19, 2019
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