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double or nothen!

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Every time you start the Mine, it uses up 2,000 dollars or gold, depending on the mining license you use. These dollars or gold are used from your personal account.

The mine will transfer this combination into precious stones or gold nuggets. Do note, you will not actually receive these precious stones or gold nuggets, but you will receive the money they sell for. This means, when you harvest the mine, you will get 4,000 dollars or gold. Without upgrading the mine with gold it takes 48 hours to run it.

So what the Mine dose is doubles your money.

Level Ingredients Time to produce Product
1 1 Regular Mining License $2,000 50:00:00 $4,000
2 1 Regular Mining License $2,000 48:00:00 $4,000
2 1 Gold Mining License $2,000 48:00:00 $4,000
3 1 Regular Mining License $2,000 36:00:00 $4,000
3 1 Gold Mining License $2,000 36:00:00 $4,000
4 1 Regular Mining License $2,000 28:00:00 $4,000
4 1 Gold Mining License $2,000 28:00:00 $4,000
5 1 Regular Mining License $2,000 24:00:00 $4,000
5 1 Gold Mining License $2,000 24:00:00 $4,000
  Upgrade cost
Level 1 free
Level 2 $10,000
Level 3 19,500
Level 4 29,500
Level 5 49,500
ADVICE: Before you spend that 98,500 gold to upgrade the mine to level 5 take a minute or two to think about it my friends.
You will have to mine for gold 50 TIMES to get your money back. Do you honestly think it is worth it just to get your 2,000 free gold one day sooner? I say not! My Mine is still level 2 and I have had my farm for almost 2 years now and it will remain at level 2.

How can I get a regular mining license?
A regular mining license randomly drops from your Windmill. Keep working your farm and you will see it appear.
How can I get a gold mining license?
For now, the gold mining license can be obtained or bought in several ways.
side task: upgrade your mine level 2 (1)
side task: get a quality 2 horse (1)
when you buy a mystery box (slim to none)
buy one from Omar for 1500 gold (slim to none)
reach the final reward in the Hard Worker event (2)
when you buy gold during a hot deal that offers licenses
do well in the horse competitions and reach platinum (1) or diamond league (2)
be very lucky in the Wheel of Fortune jackpot spin (1)
reach 40,000,000 vouchers on the temporary Candy Farm (3)
Last updated : Monday, August 19, 2019
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