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This is where you manage all your Season races.
You go here to collect league rewards, view past races and assign avatars & titles.

Helpful reminders
Make sure you save all your gas rewards on the Season overview until the last day.
This will give you a last day push, perhaps enough to get into the next league.

Season overview:
You use this page to view rewards granted for all leagues and to collect rewards you have already won.
Use the large green arrows to flick through the leagues and the small brown arrows in the league prize section to flick through the different prizes you will get when you end up in that league at the end of the season.
As you can see below, you will not automatically receive your rewards as you win them. You must actually click on the "Collect reward" button. This gives you a chance to save your gas cans for that last day push I spoke of above.
view the Season Overview rewards

Tournament news:
You use this page to see how you have done in past races where others have challenged your horse. Watch for the.
You can see who challenged you and what the result was and the details of the race. You can also quickly scan the subjects, they will show whether it was a victory, clear victory, loss or clear loss. The difference between normal loss or clear loss does not influence the amount of points you lose.
If you lose when somebody else challenges you, you lose ranking points and the higher the league you are in, the more points you lose. In bronze you lose none, in silver you lose one, in gold you lose two and in platinum you lose four every time you got challenged and lost.
NOTE: I try to keep this list cleared out each time I visit the ranch so I can better keep track of past races.

You use this page to view and select your racing title, Village trophy and your profile picture.
Use the large green arrows to flick through the titles, trophies and profile pictures then use the hand to make your selection.

You use this page to see the overall rankings of the Season races.

Last updated : Monday, August 19, 2019
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