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Village League
teamwork is a must

Mechanics Reward preview Starting a League challenge Swapping products

The Village League is a permanent competition that will provide you with lots of opportunities to win fantastic rewards in order to develop your cooperative even more, in a fun and interactive way.

Basically, you and your friends will be able to challenge other cooperatives, climb the rankings and… who knows, become the kings of the hill!

Each Cooperative can only challenge the opponent directly above in the ranking but can be challenged by the opponent directly below, as well.
example: If you’re in 5th place, you can challenge the 4th place and get counterchallenged for the 5th place by the cooperative ranked 6th at the same time
An ongoing challenge against a higher cooperative will be automatically cancelled if a counterchallenge against a lower cooperative is unsuccessful.
In order to win a challenge or a counterchallenge, you need to finish collecting all of the items in all 5 baskets before the opposing cooperative does.
Both Co-ops have 5 baskets of items to collect. The baskets can be filled in any order. It does not matter who completes 4 of the baskets first.
After 4 baskets are complete, the winner will be the Co-op who completes filling the remaining 5th basket first.
example: Say you are neck-to-neck with your opponent. Your co-op has 4 baskets full with 1st place stars and the opposing co-op also has 4 baskets full. The first one to fill that 5th basket wins!
While you're in a challenge, if your opponent wins their other challenge they will move up in the ranks and that will end their challenge with you, with no winner.
Reward preview
Click on the wagon
then on the Reward preview icon.
This window will show you how many medals you will have to spend when the shop opens at the end of the week.
You will also be shown a preview of all the items for sale in the shop. View my Village League Reward Shop with prices.
Starting a League challenge
Click on the wagon
then on the Village league icon.
Click on the "Choose Basket" button.
Here you'll see 5 baskets containing different products that you must fill before the other co-op can if you want to win.
Look over the four sets of baskets and chose the one that will work best for your co-op without swapping very many.
If you do not like the contents of a basket you may swap it with another by clicking on the "Change product" button.
see swapping products below
Click on "Start challenge" when your ready.
MY SUGGESTION: Go out and water trees a few times to get an eye's on view of the products your co-op members would be strong on and what products to avoid.
The secret to a winning challenge is in the baskets that you choose right from the start.
Swapping products
This window will open each time you click on the Change product button. Here you will find 2 pages of available products to swap with in your baskets.
You may pay village dollars or gold to swap the baskets. The price increases greatly for each basket swapped.
The cost to swap the baskets will be taken from your own founds. You may select to have your Co-op donate the founds, but the cost will increase greatly.
NOTE: The price you pay for the basket swap reflects your village production cost. Ask in your Co-op who has the greatest VHP so they can swap the baskets.
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