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the Village League

What is it?

The Village League is a permanent competition that will provide you with lots of opportunities to win fantastic rewards in order to develop your cooperative even more, in a fun and interactive way. Basically, you and your friends will be able to challenge other cooperatives, climb the rankings and… who knows, become the kings of the hill!

The Big Farm team is currently working on Cooperative Achievements and Achievement Rewards so you’ll have even more fun soon!

How does it work?
General info:
Once this feature goes live, the system will automatically create a League ranking with all the existing cooperatives based on data from the last few Cooperative Championships.
You need to be part of a Cooperative to be able to take part in this League.
Every week, you and your cooperative will have the chance to rise to the top of the league and win rewards.
To get to the top, you’ll have to challenge other cooperatives in the ranking 1 by 1.
Cooperative Village Happiness will also be implemented (works the same way as normal farms happiness).
Mechanics (image1):
Each Cooperative can only challenge the opponent directly above in the ranking but can be challenged by the opponent directly below, as well (example: If you’re in 5th place, you can challenge the 4th place and counterchallenge the 5th place from the cooperative ranked 6th at the same time).
An ongoing challenge against a higher cooperative will be automatically canceled if a counterchallenge against a lower cooperative is unsuccessful.
A counterchallenged cooperative won't lose the all progress of a counterchallenge when the challenging cooperative has been beaten by the cooperative below them (this won’t have any impact until the implementation of the achievements).
In order to win a challenge or a counterchallenge, you need to finish the tasks before the opposing cooperative does.
After winning a challenge, your cooperative will climb a position in the ranking. After losing a counterchallenge, you will drop down one position.
You can have a challenge against the cooperative directly above and a counterchallenge against the one directly below at the same time.
Baskets (image 2):
The challenging cooperative chooses 1 of 4 product baskets available, containing 5 different farm products.
Only products that both cooperatives can produce will be possible to choose.
The challenging cooperative will have to collect a slightly higher amount of products than the cooperative they challenge.
The products in the basket can be changed by the challenging cooperative by using village dollars or gold. Each time a product is replaced, the price increases.
The products in the basket can only be changed before the start of the challenge.

Multipliers - Win in a Row:
Challenger Winner Multiplier: a cooperative gets (X) medals per challenge victory. If they win up to 10 challenges in a row, they can get up to 4 times more medals (X*4) per challenge. After the 10th win in row, the multiplier will stay at x4.
Challenger Loser Multiplier: once a cooperative loses a challenge they will lose the “win in a row” multiplier and go back to the default amount of medals per victory (X*1).
Counterchallenger Winner Multiplier: the cooperative that is challenged always gets the same amount of medals as they would get from a successful challenge.
Counterchallenger Loser Multiplier: Once a cooperative loses a counterchallenge, they will lose the “win in a row” multiplier and go back to the default amount of medals per victory (X*1).

Fairness Effects:
First Strike (Challenging Cooperative): the challenging cooperative gets a penalty to compensate for the fact that they can choose the starting time and the products in the basket.
Melancholy Mood (Challenging and Challenged Cooperatives): each cooperative gets a penalty for having negative cooperative village happiness. The lower the happiness, the more the cooperative has to collect in the competition.

Other Info:
Only Leaders, Deputies and members who’ve been in the cooperative for more 30 days will be able to start a challenge. All other members have to wait for a leader or deputy to give them this right manually.
Inactive cooperatives are not part of the League and won’t be visible in the ranking. Once they become active, they will start from the bottom of the League.
If an active cooperative is deleted, all cooperatives who were previously below it will climb one position.

What are the rewards?
There are four ways to win reward medals in the Great Village League.
1. Regular Rewards: The winner gets a challenge reward dependent on the amount of products produced and how many challenges the cooperative has won in a row.
2. Weekly Ranking High Score Rewards: for each cooperative that participates. The better the position, the better the reward (image 3).
3. Activity Rewards: Both opponents (challenger and counter challenger, winner and loser) can also get several achievements.
4. Achievement Highscore Rewards: Try to win a specific achievement as often as possible to get this reward.
Other Rewards:
King of the Hill Reward to the cooperative that’s in first place in the ranking and cannot challenge other cooperatives. In this case, the cooperative will get a daily reward - a fixed amount of medals - for each day they stay in the top spot.
The “King of the Hill” will start the following week with the highest possible challenging score, i.e. with the “challenges won in a row” multiplier activated. This way they get more rewards for each counterchallenge until they lose a challenge.
Joker Reward: the cooperative who finishes in last will get a random reward. Usually it will be a low value consumable but there’s a very small chance for it to be a bigger amount.

Who gets the Rewards?
All active members harvesting products and contributing to the basket during a challenge become participants automatically. This means members who aren't online or don’t harvest the correct products during a competition cannot get all the rewards.
Weekly League Highscore Reward: all members get this reward.
Challenge Reward (challenges / counterchallenges): all members who want to get this type of reward have to be regular participants in this challenge.
(coming soon)
Achievement Progress (challenges / counterchallenges): Generally all achievements are cooperative successes. This means there is always one achievement progress for all members regardless of their individual efforts.
Achievement Activity Rewards (challenges / counterchallenges): This means there is always one achievement progress for all members regardless of their individual efforts.
Weekly Achievement Highscore Reward ( challenges / counterchallenges): all members get this reward.

Reward Shop:
With all the village league medals, you’ll be able to buy special rewards in this shop.
The shop dialogue appears every time the cooperative wins village league medals (after winning a challenge for example).
At the end of the week, you’ll have one last chance to use your medals in the shop. If you choose not to do it, all the medals will be automatically converted into village dollars.
Similar mechanics to the friendship shop.

Insights into some of the new menus
1. Village League: challenge dialogue. click image to enlarge
2. Basket Selection. click image to enlarge
3. Viilage League: ranking overview. click image to enlarge
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