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Cooperative Guidelines

Farmers First is and will always be a drama-free co-op. Where active participation is valued and rewarded with equal active participation.

We work together as a team here and that makes us strong.

When you'll be out for a period of time let me know. Non active participation and/or red dots are grounds for removal.

We do not push on Cooperative events, although we do achieve our goals. (see Cooperative Events for more info)

Donations are always welcomed and watering of co-op trees helps us all.

Project line-up and planned Village upgrades are on the Co-op Overview page.

Please donate needed upgrade materials for the Village buildings but do not vote on the upgrades.

The Jetty gets repaired twice a day, but we do not donate upgrade materials to it. (see Adventurers Boat for more info)

Please do not belittle other members in Chat. If you have a problem with another member please bring it to my attention so we may work it out together.

Please use Chat to ask for and/or thank others for sparkles, not the co-op messages.

Cooperative Events
Cooperative Championship, CC

We do not treat the CCs as a co-op event anymore and we do not run a Co-op booster from start to finish anymore.

We do however allow traveling during the CCs to give you a chance at the bigger and better rewards.

Send a co-op message before you leave so we all know what your plans are and you'll get welcomed back :)


Cooperative Hard worker event, CHWE

We do push for rank 10 on the CHWE to get the 24hr half-time booster reward that will benefit us all.

Rank 10 can be easy, long as we all work together as a team by filling our crates.

We will run a 25% Cooperative booster from start to finish to help us along the way to rank 10.


Village Fair, VF

We do not push on the Village Fair, VF. 30min - 2hr challenges day and night works the best for us.

We work together as a team getting challenges done to help all members get their rewards.

Look ahead for a challenge that works best for you getting buildings harvested and out of the way, then list it's info in chat.

challenge group, challenge page, challenge name, challenge time, challenge items

Deputy Duties
Cooperative Projects

Please make sure there is always a project going 24/7.

We run 3 projects, in order. When a project is short on collectables just move onto the next one in line. You will find this line-up on the co-op Overview page.

Wild about apples!
Cheesed off!
Egg Scrambled!

This is a steady way for our cooperative to keep the points rolling in and the line-up is easy to remember.


Cooperative Village

Please leave all upgrades on the village to shazamd.

shazamd has planed the upgrades since day one and dose a wonderful job at keeping things going smoothly. You will find her upgrade list on the co-op Overview page.


Cooperative Events

Please maintain a 25% booster for the CCs and the CHWEs.

Please keep challenges going for the VF. Stick with time limits between 30 minutes and 2 hours.


New Applicants

Please leave accepting new members to synergylw, shazamd, Dave Farmer and myself. I don't want new members being accepted without an introduction to the co-op. It isn't fare to them.

Unfortunately we do have a No Fly list, as shazamd calls it.  This list holds names of people we do not want back in here and some people that no one wants in their co-op.


Welcoming New Members

Farmers First is and always will be a drama-free co-op. To insure we sty that way our policy is...

1- The new member must not be on the No Fly list.

2- All new members must be an adult.

3- All new members must be level 100 and above unless another member vouches for them.

4- All new members must be active in the game.

Adult members over level 100 are less likely to bring drama with them. Although we have had young members in here before that have never brought drama with them. So, if they have stuck with the game long enough to reach level 100, then they do enjoy the game enough to be an active member.

Below is an example (if you'd like) of the co-op message to be sent out to inform us all there is a new member.

Subject: welcome xx
Hi everyone,

Thank you for helping me welcome xx to Farmers First!

Head on over to water the newest co-op tree and say "Howdy".

Welcome xx, We are all so glad you are here.

Below is the message that get's sent to new members once they join if I'm not on to send it myself.

Subject: Welcome!

We are and will always be a drama-free co-op. Where active participation is valued and rewarded with equal participation.

We are a small but steadily moving up co-op. Where working together as a team keeps us strong .

Please take the time to read over our Information Center so there will be no misunderstandings later on. You will find everything you need to know about us there and how we roll.

Up-to-date BF info:
Our Information Center:

Adventurers Boat

Please donate repair materials a.s.a.p. so we all benefit from the extra bags. (30min = 2 bags / 1 hr = 1 bag)

The Jetty gets repaired twice a day, but we do not donate upgrade materials to it.

Just in case you need to donate for the Friendship meter Roze2 has put together a list for us below.

Needed repair produce totals...
soap boxes: 69
salt water burger: 19
travelers lunchbox: 1 + 65 pasta gift
cherry cookies: 20 + 3 fish kebabs or 85 pasta gift or 10 sushi plate
fish kebabs: 34
fishermans delight: 25
soup: 15
sushi plate: 85
pasta gift: 855
hot milk: 7
example: donating 69 soap boxes will fill your Friendship meter to guarantee your personal supply box will be full

Members list
Here you will find a alphabetical list of our members along with their first name and birthday.
User name First name Birthday State
Bird0950 VolaRunner's    
carlws01 Carol August 5 Florida
Chary Lady      
CrazyBigfarm55 Nina May 14 Oregon
Cyndi33 Cyndi February 23 Texas
Dave Farmer8      
debbie59 Debbie July 10 North Carolina
DrMarky Mark March 19 California
fall harvest      
farmer46 Tonia March 27 Missouri
FarmerShane1 Darlene September 3 Tennessee
gouise Linda March 19 Washington
Hypocoristical Sarah June 12 Missouri
Jillaroo Lori April 19 Arizona
karen49 karen September 13 Virginia
katiej117 Katie November 7 Texas
Kimmers Kim October 11 Washington
User name First name Birthday State
Lady Mikki      
leelee Erma February 3 Missouri
Linda Farmer Linda July 14 Australia
MJR3 MJ September 13 Michigan
PamGamer5 Pam March 3 Oregon
Robin28 Robin December 12 Montana
sluggo Dwayne January 31 Michigan
shazamd Diane February 18 Michigan
Starshine Ann August 14 Nevada
Sue Brown2 Sue September 17 Alabama
synergylw Billie    
VolaRunner Luther June 28 Utah
Our No-Fly list
Members Help & Tips
Horse Meadow Adventurers Boat    
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