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Missions are the timed trials where you need to produce a certain product within 30 minutes and produce as much as possible.
At the end of a mission you will get certificates and RPs. Reputation Points (RPs) are no more than an activity indication and give bragging rights. If that is not in your interest, they are pretty useless actually. Lately they can be used to get nice rewards in the cooperative challenge. When that challenge runs, gain as much RP as possible to help your co-op get all the goodies.
Certificates, on the other hand, are very useful. You can use the certificates to build, upgrade and activate tractors in the garage.

Earth BreakerMultifarmerMissions are the only place to get certificates for your tractors and you do not have to be in a cooperative to play

◄ Upgrade the Earth Breaker to help get more certificates and the Multifarmer to help get more reputation points ►

When you sign up for a mission, a search program will try and pair you up with up to 5 players of equal strength in one of the eight mission types.
Each mission takes half an hour or 30 minutes.
The amount of reputation points & certificates you get are based on the rank you ended in, but also how well you did in the mission. For example you ended in rank 3 with 300 corn or in the same rank with 800 corn; you will get more certificates in the latter example.
Some co-ops use reputation points to check on activity, but most of all they make you look good in the RP rankings. Some people like that, but others are not at all interested in these RPs.
With the cooperative championships, the RPs you can get are more valid, so it is good to focus on that while the championship runs to be able to do best for your cooperative and get very nice prizes!
The mission panel:
Types of missions you might get are:


Dung chickens 13 min
pigs 1 hr 10 min / speed 5 min
cows 7 hrs / speed 7 min
goats 52 min
donkeys 3 hrs 30 min
ducks 8 hrs / big duck 2 hrs


Eggs chickens
13 min
8 hrs / big duck 2 hrs
Milk cows
7 hrs / speed 7 min
52 min
Pigs pigs 1 hr 10 min / speed 5 min
Corn fields 5 min / ss 1 hr
Cabbage fields 45 min / ss 4 hrs
Alfalfa fields 3 min / ss 14 min
Rutabaga fields 9 min / ss 45 min
Powerhouse to increase
MF Stable Production.

These types of missions come in a certain frequency. The flowers are the most frequent and least frequent is dung.
You may feel that the mission search has paired you up with players that are way out of your league – they collect much much more than you and their level is double as much. There is a lot of discussion about this. After you did a few missions this should even out as much as it possibly could, but it may still occur that there are high levels or if you are a high level yourself, that there are low levels in your mission.
The thing with this system is that it takes into account how well you did in previous missions. Did you use gold to get in first? Did you use special seeds? Do you have an amount of animals that is more than the average player of your level has? It all counts these things and will pair you up with people that have a similar way of playing. It may seem that other player does much better than you because he is higher level, but maybe that person only uses regular corn and you have 5 fields of special corn standing ready. In that case it is still fair, or maybe even less fair for the high level person.
Putting fairness aside, there are several tips and tricks how to do well in missions and get paired up as fair as possible.
written by KarenKay  Each player in a mission gets RP based on their own score & then, in addition, each (except the one in last place) also gets a % of the total RP earned by all the players.
Any players with 0 score are eliminated, so a mission of 6 players where 2 players have 0 score, will count as a mission of 4 players, with the 4th place player being "last".
The % of the total RP that each player earns, varies depending on the number of active players in the missions: 
2 players = 100% - 0% 
3 players = 100% - 50% - 0%
4 players = 100% - 90% - 10% - 0% 
5 players = 100% - 90% - 40% - 10% - 0% 
6 players = 100% - 90% - 80% - 20% - 10% - 0% 
So as you can see, it is definitely much more beneficial for lower level players to be drawn again those with much higher scores & even big gold users, as long as they do not come in last place. 

written by ninjahuman Shelving a mission means you leave the mission at the current amount you have and can now enter a new mission. You cannot go back to harvest more once you shelve a mission. There will be a minimum amount you have to harvest before you can shelve but if you have the stackmaster active you can shelve without having to harvest anything.
When you shelve a mission you can no longer improve your total in that mission, however other players can still improve their total for the next 20 minutes unless they shelve the mission before then. 

What can I do to do well in missions? written by Larino

I would like to give several tips and tricks for non-gold users to do well in missions. Here are some thoughts that may help you enjoy your missions more and gain as much from them as possible.

Do not want to get into high level groups? Do not use gold or try too hard to get a huge amount of products into a mission. The more you gain in a mission, the more you will ‘fool’ the system and force it to put you into groups with higher levels or other gold spenders. Just do what is in your range of possibilities without using gold and you will be paired with equal players with a similar level and similar capabilities.
Do not let the missions rule your farming style. You may hold buildings just a bit longer in case you get the correct mission, but do not hold them for half a day, because you will definitely run out of dung to make fertilizer and your farm isn’t running as smoothly as it used to any more.
Holding your dung for a mission? You could also harvest chickens, pigs and goats if you keep getting other missions. That way you still get dung and they will be ready again for the next mission. Wait for a little bit between missions until the pigs have less than half an hour to go and attempt again, the pigs and goats will be ready around the end of the mission.
Plan ahead for a mission. If you sow special corn with humus, wait until that stands ready or the timer is below 30 mins so you can harvest it in case you get a corn mission. If you did not get a corn mission, you can hold the corn and try once more. If still no corn, harvest your fields, you will lose too much time trying over and over again. What you could also do is split crops. Put special flowers with humus on a couple of your fields and special corn with humus on the other half. If you get corn, harvest the corn and use those fields to produce regular corn to keep up. You could also harvest the flowers to use those fields for regular corn as well. If you get flowers you do the same with the regular flowers. I personally like to have the special corn stand ready, but you can also start the mission when the timer is under 30 mins again.
Do you really need to make cabbage or wheat? No problem. Just leave one field free to put corn or wild flowers on, so you can participate a bit in these missions.
Do not use humus on regular corn or wild flowers. It is a waste of humus and you will run out very very fast.
Make sure your chickens are almost ready (less than 3 mins) or ready when you start a mission. That way you can harvest them three times in a mission. There is a 50% chance you get to use them, because they are good for both eggs and dung missions. However, do not hold your chickens for too long, they are done soon enough again and if you did not manage to have them ready at the start of the mission you can at least harvest them twice.
The best time to try a mission is right after you woke up. At that moment all buildings are standing ready and your fields are ’empty’ or can be harvested right at the start of a mission to put corn or flowers on them quickly.
Want to win a lot of RP for the co-op championship? Make sure your blue multifarmer tractor is upgraded! It will boost the amount of RP you get for each mission so you can contribute even better!
If you have a little bit of gold to spend, spend it on a wildflower mission. Make sure you have special wildflowers with humus standing ready at the start of a mission. Harvest them and instantly put another batch of special wildflowers with humus. Right at the end of the mission you will have to skip 1 or 2 minutes of the wildflowers, which will cost about 1 gold per field. Very do-able and it grants you a large amount of flowers that will probably give you a nice amount of RP!
Do not watch the mission panel like a hawk, it will only make you feel bad if somebody passes you. If they do, let them go, you should just farm like normal. You will also get some certificates when you end up 2nd, 3rd, 4th or even 5th or 6th. Watching the panel too much may trigger you to spend gold and the whole idea of these tips and tricks is to get there without using gold. Get where? To having enough certificates to build those machines without pulling your hair out in despair about those darn missions.
Don’t let yourself be led by the official tips that are around the mission screen. They may be good tips, but usually involve triggers to spend gold. Design your own strategy without paying too much attention to what the game says.
Want to combine tasks? That’s possible! You can run an egg project, do an egg mission, have an egg task in your left hand task bar and even an event that asks for the collection of eggs, they all count together and at the same time with the same amounts of eggs.
Have good happiness and some spare workers? You could temporarily put a chicken coop in the spot of a 5×5 decoration for the cooperative championship. Chickens are a good investment, since they can be harvested at least twice or even thrice in both a dung and egg mission!
Do you want more fields and have some gold to spend? You can replace 1 regular field by 2 fertile fields. They cost some gold, so they are not for everybody. Fertile fields are about 4th or 5th on my list of good things to spend your gold on. A water tower still tops that list! Replacing 1 regular field level 7 by 2 fertile fields level 1 already gives you more products, so you would not even need to upgrade them.
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